8 Tips To Choose The Software House For Your Mobile App Development


Mobile app development is a hot field right now because more people are finding that apps are useful tools to market their business, help their customers and earn income. Once you have decided to build your own mobile app, you’re probably searching online for the best software houses for some time now.

How do you know and choose the right one?

As Rahul Varshneya (Co-founder at Arkenea) was saying on an article on Entrepreneur.com some time ago: “As someone who has built an app development company and worked with clients across industries on their apps, I can tell you that finding the right partner is more important than saving a few hundred or thousand dollars in building your product. The right partner or software company can add value in more ways than just development, which will help you maximize revenues for your app business.”

1. Look for an app developer company that is interested in your business, not just the development.

A good development company should be able to not only guide you through the process of development, but also give you creative input based on their experience with similar apps. The good ones know what works and what doesn’t on the App Store because they’ve worked with many clients.

2. Assess their portfolio.

A good software house must also have excellent UI/UX skills. When looking at their portfolio, keep an eye out for beautiful looking apps with excellent user interfaces. Did you know that 60% of your application is about how a user interacts with it?

Ask about other apps the company has built. Do they have a lot of experience? Download them and click around. Does it work well? Does the design make sense? Do you like it?

3. Check client references.

Look for software house who will readily extend client contact information so that you can get real feedback on their company.
Ask them what it was like to work with the company. Find out what they liked, didn’t like. Did the company produce the expected result?

4. Choose someone you can build a relationship with.
Mobile app development is not a one-time activity.
Apps have to go through many evolutions and cycles based on constant user feedback. Look for an app developer who will stick with you through the lifecycle of the product and not abandon ship once the initial development is done and the app is hosted.

That is why you should be searching for a company that is offering extended support after the development ended.

5. Is your app for iOS or Android or both?

Some mobile app companies only develop apps for one operating system: either Android or iOS. Other companies offer both. Make sure you talk to the team about their skills set with these operating systems. Check to see if the team has credentials or certifications. You want to know that they adhere to the best coding practices.

6. Don’t let price drive you.

Do not select a development partner based on a price quote. You need a great product, not the cheapest product.

Every startup or entrepreneur has a budget. But often the lowest cost option can turn out to be more expensive in the long run, if, say, for example, it’s necessary to redo the app with another company because it didn’t turn out as expected.

7. This is not a single man’s job.
If your company is relying on this app to provide customer service, e-commerce, or drive part of your business, avoid using a one-person company.
Think of the whole package, not just the coding.  Building an app is not just about coding. It’s also about creating a functional design and thinking about the user experience. Do not select an independent developer unless you already have access to a team who will perform the rest of the functions such as design, usability and testing.

8. Make design a top priority.

How a website or an app looks is as important as how it works. Go a step further and look at partners who can add value to the usability aspect of your website or mobile app, which will define how users interact with your product.

If you need a lot of advanced features or you want an enterprise-level app, consider speaking to mobile app companies who build custom. Companies who build mobile apps offer a higher quality of work: cleaner code that works smoothly, better overall design and user interface.
A custom app is designed specifically around your idea and your audience, which leads to higher use rates.

A final word:

A quality software house is going to offer specifics on how they will work with you, how they will execute the work. They will also ask detailed questions about your needs.

Focus on the right aspects of your business and you’ll have a better shot at choosing the right software house. It’s an important decision. The realization of your vision is often in your developer’s hands. Choose wisely!

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