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Wallet & payment gateway

Our Wallet & Payment Gateway integration is the backbone of Rosmariano's convenience. We've ensured compatibility with major e-wallets, empowering players to effortlessly manage their crypto assets. In addition, we've established partnerships with trusted payment gateways, guaranteeing seamless transactions and enhancing user trust. This dual approach not only simplifies in-game financial management but also underlines our commitment to creating a secure and user-friendly gaming environment that prioritizes ease of use and peace of mind.

Mini Games

Additionally, we incorporated mini-games within the main gameplay. These are not only fun diversions but are strategically designed to provide boosts and accelerations in the production process, further incentivizing player engagement. This dynamic blend of main gameplay and mini-games forms an exciting and immersive environment for players.


The game is structured around a concept we called 'Spherography', essentially development trees for each essential oil or spice. As players progress, they unlock more intricate stages of the production process. The spherography system adds depth and progression, making the gaming experience more engaging and rewarding.

Farm real plants

In Rosmariano, you can purchase real-world plants, creating a unique connection between the virtual and tangible. These plants are grown in a remarkable farming consortium, fostering sustainability and innovation. This exciting aspect not only enriches your in-game experience but also contributes to real-world environmental efforts. By buying these plants in the game, you actively support and participate in a sustainable agricultural project. It's a win-win, providing players with a sense of fulfillment as they enjoy a distinctive gaming experience while making a positive impact on the world.


To truly immerse players in our browser-based game, our talented design team created custom illustrations tailored to the narrative and mechanics of the game. 
Every asset, from the diverse spice trees to the intricately depicted process of essential oil production, was thoughtfully designed to enhance visual appeal and gameplay understanding. These illustrations not only added originality and an aesthetic charm but also helped convey the game's narrative and mechanics in a visually compelling and user-friendly manner.

One entrepreneur,
several innovative projects

Under the entrepreneurial spirit of our esteemed client, we undertook a wide spectrum of compelling projects. We engaged in the development of intricate automated arbitrage algorithms that used the Compound platform and the Coinbase API.

A unique facet of our collaboration was the creation of a browser-based, play-to-earn game, a testament to our client's innovative vision in nesting virtual and real world. Additionally, we were tasked with the construction of various marketing and commercial websites, essential for the launch of ICOs and innovation hubs under the aegis of the Tesora Group.
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