Clojure Meetup in Switzerland


This week I attended the talk on Clojure kindly organised by Deep Impact  in Winterthur (CH).

Stanislas Nanchen, Deep Impact, made an interesting introduction on this promising functional programming language and a deep demo on all the main features of the language. In particular,  a strong overview of some of its basic constructs with a live programming session were given.

The success of this language, as also discussed during the meetup Q&A, is due to many factors but in particular what has impressed me is the function definition that can result in powerful commands with behind complex  java and the versatility to create graphic applications and manipulation of data structures as well. Few lines of code are required to achieve complex programs compared to other languages.

Clojure also includes some Lisp features like Uniform Representation of Data and Code.

The graphical gaming demo was  based on  flappy-bird and the Stanislas shown how the code can be easily modified to achieve different behaviour of the bird.

The presentation was made within the WintiWebDev Talks on Jan 18.