ICT2015 Lisbon

The biggest event of the research in Europe, linked also to the Framework Programme H2020 2016-2017 of the European Commission, has registered around 7000 participants worldwide last week in Lisbon.


The agenda of the event has been organised, as usual, with plenary, parallel thematic sessions and exhibition stands by projects currently in execution in H2020 and FP7.

One of the truth which as been highlighted by round tables is the fact that, despite several economic crisis during last decades worldwide, the US industry is still strongly present at least in the ICT sectors. Same names same blue chips. On the other hand, several European industries and brands are not any-more living and it is not necessary to say the names. Only incumbent telcos have survived or reshaped thanks to foreign investors.

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What are the reasons why USA ICT’s is still strong and being more present with new companies like FB, Twitter, Google in last 30 years about?

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It is not easy to answer this question but de facto the results are now in 2015 on the tables. The reasons have to extracted by the market share losses but as consequence of the strategy. Therefore the capacity to innovate the products, to listen to the market needs and flexibility in the internal corporate processes have played an important role, in my opinion.  During the conferences it was also stressed the fact that in last 30 years in Europa the Hi Tech industry has been to much focused on unsaid market protection and standardisation instead of adopting internally a strong competition policy. The internal competition on ideas, technology and market strategies are instead  the winning aspects of USA and Japan for example.

I remember many years ago, when I was working for the automotive train industry as Hardware designer, a colleague of mine said that in the labs there were not any-more sufficient noise generated by electrical engines running and instead designer engineers were much more involved in documentation activities.

Today, this is still valid: invest in innovations, make your prototypes, translate your idea in mockup and POCs. Anticipate the market with your ideas and be competitive with your neighbour.

As Luca di Montenzemolo said, when started leading Ferrari:  “E’ tempo di vincere tutto quello che si puo’ vincere anche le sfide a pallone tra scapoli e ammogliati”