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🌱 Leverage the power of brand ambassadors



Brandbassador is a mobile and web application that gives brands the opportunity to leverage their ambassadors and lets these ones to gain cash and free products accomplishing specific missions. The platform was affecting recurrent bugs and regressions release after release, and their team didn’t know how to approach correctly the problem without a structured and smooth workflow.


We offered a partnership with two different services: we built automated tests for the platform, to drastically reduce regressions and bugs and, on the other hand, we proposed a development process consultancy to go deeply through team’s problems and structure a different and agile workflow.


Thanks to automated and unit tests, Brandbassador dev team can now release new versions of the platform without regressions and bugs, with everything under control. In addition, we changed the dev team workflow, always test driven and never static in order to stay fresh and engaged.

Technology stack

logo angular
logo node.js
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