Chubby Yummy – social network food app

This is absolutely one of the most interesting applications we’ve ever developed. It’s a cooking app that explains ingredients and recipes of various dishes and delicacies! Share, like, post, follow new chefs! This app is exactly what cooking enthusiasts were looking for.

  • Security oriented
  • Cross browser
  • High perfomance &
  • Responsive
Android & iOS

Developed with Cordova framework and Onsen UI, it is full cross-platform. Best plugins like push notifications, geolocation, google maps API have been used in order to make happen the most of the native potential applications. We have also rendered the entire app. Very proud of the job done on this project!


Our intuitive administration panel allows you to manage all entities of the software, users, administrators, media contents, sales, support tickets etc. It provides a perfect way for CRUD operations and much more. Pagination, indexes, filters and research allows the admin to manage big data without any delay and always having general view and specific view on contents at the same time.