Nedben – Web Application

Nedben is an italian web community for coupons and offers. Users of the platform use to share links, provide suggestions and submit reviews/feedbacks on products.

  • Security oriented
  • Cross browser
  • Fast & smooth
  • Responsive
React.js + Redux

This web application is the perfect proof that React.js is the best javascript library for the UI development. For the development of this web community many other libraries have been involved: redux, rxjs, immutable, lodash.
The architecture of this application is completely isomorphic, that means the app is rendered server-side for a more SEO-like approach

SEO Like

The isomorphic approach provided a perfect SEO compatibility, granting that Google (and all others) spiders could index public pages of the community.
The application consumes API services made in JAVA and has web sockets made with and node.js.