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Roudrush is the software developed for professionals that work with agile methodology. Rather than other similar software, it is very easy to setup and user-friendly. The workflow is smooth and help you to manage your teams work in order to deliver every project with the best efficiency and quality

Teams & Projects

In Roudrush you can create your team or, if you have a bigger enterprise, as many teams you want, for every single business unit or for different projects. Teams can work on multiple projects and every teammate can be then assigned to specific tasks to start to work following the workflow.

Iterations, Tasks & Retrospectives

Plan is the core of every single project and in Roundrush you will be able to add tasks in the backlog or directly plan multiple round iterations or stories from the Iteration Planner. This feature offers you an overview of the ongoing project that is fundamental to understand week after week if something is going wrong. Tasks can be assigned to yourself or to your teammates, and if you have a quality assurance team, you can add them as reviewers so they will work on all tasks ready for review. When you finish a round, you can check retrospectives to have a clear idea of how is gone


Roundrush has been developed to simplify the entire process but also to provide additional value. When you plan an iteration, you can choose from two different type: Round or Rush iteration. While Round is a SKRUM-based workflow, Rush is more KANBAN like and it is perfect when you have an urgent delivery or a session of continuous bug-fixing. Rush mode enables an exclusive feature, the Leaderboard, that is a live dashboard where it is possible to see how many tasks every workers have closed and who is the first, second, third and so on. This is useful to stimulate your teams, maybe offering bonuses or awards for the firsts positions.

Technology stack

logo react
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logo go lang
logo graphql
logo react testing library

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