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Our partners have often tried other teams, failed, then found success with us.

For many of our partners, we are a second chance at success.
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Who is Lasting Dynamics?

We started with nothing – no external investments.
We didn't follow the canonical startup path.
We've grown through determination and by reinvesting profits.

Lasting Dynamics started in 2010 as an individual firm. In 2015, Michele "Mike" Cimmino formally registered it as an SRL in Italy.

This is a software house, where businesses find lasting opportunities and turnkey solutions. With our partners, we keep improving our services, learning from the past and planning for the future.

Lasting Dynamics is now an extended group, all owned by our founder Michele Cimmino. It extends in four directions: software development, real estate, education, and fintech.

Our company helps partners develop, implement, and maintain successful digital products across all devices.

We aim for long-term partnerships – potentially lifelong.
Potential partners can join our waiting list.
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See the principles that define us,
drive us, and distinguish us.

Our values stand at the core of everything we do. They are the foundation upon which we build our success and foster connections.

Partners, not customers

We focus on having 20 partners at most and growing with them. This way, we safely and organically grow our teams – together.


We accept only a few projects per year. This focus and exclusivity allows us to give everyone the same high-quality, turnkey service.


We track all our daily work. Partners can follow progress on the board of our workflow management system.


You can dismiss the Lasting Dynamics team with only 30 days' notice, and payments are monthly – no percentage is upfront.


We don't just assign one person to work on a project part-time. Lasting Dynamics puts a dedicated team focused 100% on your project.


We are forward-looking innovators. Our team was pioneering the use of AI years before it became popular.

Reinvesting profits

The group was built and grown from day 0 by reinvesting profits. We deeply understand how to provide value to partners – we have to.

Agile process

The Lasting Dynamics development process is smooth and Agile. Our products always come with the latest tech stack, too.

Carbon Neutral

We offset our carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality. Verra – which builds standards for climate action – certifies our carbon offsets.

Recognized by the industry and royal families

Lasting Dynamics has won 20+ awards. Clutch, Tech Behemoths, DesignRush, SoftwareWorld, and SuperbCompanies have recognized our excellent work. We're proud to have won awards for mobile app development, React development, machine learning, and more.
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Free Quotation and Analysis.

Your project is unique. So is our approach. Reach out today, and share your requirements. Let us envision and develop the path towards mutual success.

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We are transparent and straightforward.

From a contract perspective, working with Lasting Dynamics is easy.
There is no upfront commitment. Payments are monthly.

Discover our podcast series

Our Digital Transformation podcast hosts leaders from around the globe. We discuss how digital transformation creates value for every shareholder, from governments to health-tech startups.
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Working side-by-side

Frequent communication, collaboration, and iterations are keys to our success.

Michele Cimmino

Software Engineer, CEO at Lasting Dynamics
“I truly believe most entrepreneurs hate outsourcing their projects. They've learned a team's motivation can make the difference between success and failure. In our company, we love to think of every project we embrace as our own. That's also one of the reasons we only start a few new partnerships a year.”


Satisfied partners

We have many satisfied partners that have worked with us for years.
“We couldn't have asked for a better partner and feel very fortunate to have found them.”
CTO @Fintech / VISA partner Company
“I'm impressed with their knowledge and experience.”
CCXO @ FWD Group
“They understood the challenge and thought about it very hard before we started the project.”
VP @Diagnostic Biochips INC
“Lasting Dynamics created a customized solution that met and exceeded our expectations. Furthermore, working with them was a really enjoyable experience.”
Founder @Push SRL
“They always try to find the best solutions for my needs and it is a pleasure working with them.”
Product Owner @Numbers Group
“Their point of strength is their ability to innovate by exploring new solutions and cutting-edge technologies.”
Associate Director @Leader in IT Sector
“If Lasting Dynamics SRL thinks they can provide value to our company, they won’t hesitate to share their ideas.”
CEO @Brandbassador LTD
Ads & Marketing
“Their team's flexibility and intelligence throughout the workflow have been impressive.”
Founder @Marketing & Ads Company
Tourism & hospitality
“Their remarkable blend of professionalism, punctuality, and high-quality output is what truly distinguishes them.”
CEO @Hospitality Company
“The ease and responsiveness of communication with the company were very valuable and appreciated.”
Founder @Fitness & Nutrition Startup
“We loved the attention to detail and the quality approach that made the app solid since its first deployment.”
Decision maker @E.N.P.A.C.L.
“Lasting Dynamics CEO is outstanding.”

Crafting Excellence in Software

Let’s build something extraordinary together.
Rely on Lasting Dynamics for unparalleled software quality.
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Come visit us
in Spain

Discover where we are

As of 2021, Lasting Dynamics is now a Group. We have offices in Spain, Norway, Italy, and Dubai.
Napoli, Italy
Las Palmas
de Gran Canaria, Spain
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Stavanger, Norway

Break time!

We take lunch breaks of a full hour, allowing time for socializing, mindful eating, and a true break. Mini-billiards, couches, and ping pong are available in our Spanish HQ.

Great location

Our Spanish location in the Canary Islands is accessible by public transit. Many employees also walk, bike, or use standing scooters. We're only a 7-minute walk to the beach, too!

Free lunch

We provide free lunch in the offices. These social, catered lunches take into account individual dietary preferences. Need to kick-start your brain? There's free Italian coffee, too.

Bright office environment

Our open-concept office in Spain fosters collaboration. For privacy, we have many meeting rooms. The big windows provide plenty of natural light and a beautiful view.

Promoting a Low-Impact Workplace

At Lasting Dynamics, our focus goes beyond technology; we have a commitment to our planet. Every part of our workplace showcases this dedication to sustainability. Our team uses reusable water bottles, washable metal cutlery, and compostable coffee pods. In these ways, we reduce our use of plastics.

These actions aren't just symbolic. They show our commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment and serving as a role model in tech.

Lasting Dynamics for a Lasting Future

Valuing the environment and practicing sustainability are crucial for protecting the Earth and giving back to the resources it has given us. We strive to be a vital part of this change by completely compensating for the CO2 emissions produced by our staff while they work at their computers.

Our Academy

The Academy is free. We have offered jobs to 93% of graduates.

The Academy gets people up to speed with the knowledge and skills we want them to have. Students receive 2-3 things to learn or do, per week, for up to 2 months. The work takes 1-3 hours a day to complete.

Most people complete the Academy before working at Lasting Dynamics. Some complete the Academy at the same time as working at LD.

Lasting Dynamics trains roughly 200 people annually across Europe and the MENA region. Graduates get a certificate badge to post on LinkedIn. We attract the best minds available - out of 1000 applications per month, we usually select the top 1%.
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Company retreat

Every year at Lasting Dynamics, we take a week away from our regular workspaces. We relax together, work together, and eat well together. Sometimes, yoga is involved.

Looking for a job? We’re hiring!

Your career starts here. Join Lasting Dynamics and work with a team of talented software engineers, designers, and quality assurance engineers on valuable, worldwide projects.
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