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Let’s start from the beginning

Lasting Dynamics started in 2010 and formally registered as an SRL in 2015 in Italy by Michele Cimmino. We started with nothing, without external investments, without following the canonical startups path, we were and are only driven by passion and desire. This is a software house where companies find business opportunities, complex and lasting solutions.
 After many years, we are a landmark for our partners and with them we keep improving our services, learning from the past and looking to the future.

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Reasons why you should choose us

“I truly believe, most of entrepreneurs hate to outsource their projects because they learnt how team's motivation is a fundamental argument that could make difference between fail and success. In our company we love to think every project we embrace is our own project, that's also one of the reasons why we start only few new partnerships per year.”

CEO Michele Cimmino

Transparency and loyalty

We truly care about your projects as you do, and for this reason our work is always transparent on a daily basis. When you become a partner and we start your project, you are invited on our proprietary workflow management system, Roundrush, so you will be able to check every day what we are doing. Moreover, with all our partners, we have regular stand up meeting scheduled on your needs, from daily to weekly.

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Lasting Dynamics Academy

Despite the previous experiences of our new candidates, in the first three months in Lasting Dynamics, they must accomplish all courses of our Academy. This step is crucial, in order to prepare all new teammates to work with our standards and be ready to be part of an important project. We only hire positive and best-in-class candidates and, after the Academy, they will become part of your project and will make sure that things happen.

Get to know us

Lasting Dynamics is born and raised in Italy but we have many teammates all around Europe, always connected and that participate remotely at every day activities. Becoming our partner you’ll find trusted and talented people that will help you achieve your business goals. We will work together to build a revolutionary product.

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Founder &
Full Stack Developer

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Quality Assurance

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UI / UX Designer​

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Front End Developer

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Front End Developer

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Front End Developer

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Marketing Director

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Mobile Developer

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Back End & DevOps

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Mobile Developer

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Human Resources


Human Resources

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Accounting &


Project Manager


Front End Developer

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Front End Developer

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Back End & DevOps


Front End Developer


Customer Support


Customer Support

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Front End Developer


UI / UX Designer​​

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Back End Developer


Back End Developer


Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance



Brands we are working with

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In the past 10 years we worked with every industry, delivering quality products and demanding services. We transformed any requests or ideas into real business opportunities. We don’t fear any challenge and our partners stay with us project after project.

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