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Let’s start from the beginning

Lasting Dynamics started in 2010 as an individual firm and was formally registered as SRL in 2015 in Italy by Michele Cimmino.
We started with nothing, without external investments, without following the canonical startups path, we were and are only driven by our strong will in reinvesting every year into the growth of the company.

This is a software house where companies find business opportunities, complex and lasting solutions.

After many years, we are a landmark for our partners and with them we keep improving our services, learning from the past and looking to the future.

Reasons why you should choose us

“I truly believe, most of entrepreneurs hate to outsource their projects because they learnt how team's motivation is a fundamental argument that could make difference between fail and success. In our company we love to think every project we embrace is our own project, that's also one of the reasons why we start only few new partnerships per year.”

CEO Michele Cimmino
CEO & Full Stack Developer

Our Values

We truly care about your projects as you do, and for this reason our process is truly transparent, check more about it here.

The team of our partner becomes the product owner in the agile process that leads to delivering incremental results every 2 weeks, driving the product to deploy a first MVP on the market after only 4 months, even with a micro-team allocation.


All our daily work is tracked and our clients can follow the progress directly
through the board of our workflow management system.

Continuous Improvement

Lasting Dynamics development process is smooth and agile and our products come out always with the latest and best tech stack.

Partners, not customers

We accept only a few projects per year to give the same effort and quality-oriented service to everyone. This is why our collaborations last at least 3 years.

Carbon Neutral

Since 2020 Lasting Dynamics is a Carbon Neutral company. We compensate 7.000kg of CO2 by supporting worldwide projects certified by Verra.

How we develop

The service we provide to all of our clients is an entire dedicated team  from software design and development to project management and DevOps, ranging between any kind of digital product.

Architectures &
"Working with Lasting Dynamics is super-easy from a contract perspective as well: you can dismiss any time the team with only 30 days upfront notice, the payments of the team is on a monthly basis, no percentage in upfront!"
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Lasting Dynamics Academy

We successfully launched on the market several digital products for more than 50 partners in the years, but we also developed and deployed our own products:

LD group is owner of www.vetrinalive.com an e-commerce builder that is becoming more important month after month, especially for small shop owners and micro-entrepreneurs.
Then we totally replaced JIRA, Asana, Trello or any other ticketing system with our workflow management system www.roundrush.com a vertical solution on IT that we provide for free to all of our partners to let them avoid paying thousands euro per month to other third party similar services.

Last but not least, we have our own Academy that recruits and trains the best talented and experienced engineers on the market.
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Lasting Dynamics around the world

Between 2020 and 2021 Lasting Dynamics became a Group, adding Lasting Dynamics Nordic, Spain, Australia and Estonia and now opening offices in USA and Saudi Arabia as well.
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Get to know us

Lasting Dynamics is an international team of more than 100 engineers and other IT professionals that collaborate in offices and/or remotely from all around the world.

Working in Lasting Dynamics allowed me to create valuable connections and to find a group of friends with the same mindset and the same will to produce high-end software. A plus, moreover, is the possibility to work with customers all around the world sharing culture and habits.

Antonio Langella
Senior QA Engineer & Project Manager

I can define Lasting Dynamics as my ideal playground. Thanks to the challenging projects we worked on over the past 5 years I had the chance to learn and to boost my skills, never losing my focus. I love innovation and to work quality-oriented and this is something in Lasting Dynamics never miss and it’s very hard to find in other software houses out there.

Dragos Busuioc
Senior Full Stack Developer

Working in Lasting Dynamics is something I loved since the beginning knowing all the people working here. We are a group, a team, a family that is focused to provide the best digital solutions on the market. It’s the mindset that makes the difference and working here increased not only my knowledge and my expertise but also the will to do things better and better.

Giuseppe Avagliano
Marketing Director

Looking for a job? We’re Hiring!

Your career starts from here. Join Lasting Dynamics and work with a team of talented software engineers, designers and, quality assurance engineers on worldwide valuable projects.
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