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Let’s build a software from scratch

Hire an entire Agile team as a turnkey solution to take care of planning, design, development and deployment of your project on the market.

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Imagination is the only limit to what we can build

Lasting Dynamics gives life to your ideas and builds digital solutions with stunning user experience.

We don’t just develop amazing software, we transform our partners needs into real innovative products with an outstanding impact on their business

We believe in lifelong partnerships and we take care of your business as our own

Many times it’s hard to outsource a project due to communication challenges. It's always very important to spend time on brainstorming, finding edge-cases, understand what can be improved and what should be postponed to grant an MVP and agile oriented development. 

With Lasting Dynamics you will embrace the wonderful experience of a team that continuously think and refine the software, discovers all aspects you didn't and reasons like a product owner.

How does it work

Let’s meet and discuss your project
Requirements Analysis & Proposal
Front-end & back-end development
DevOps and servers management
In-house Quality Assurance
Deployment in production
Lifetime warranty free of charge

Technology stack

We have complete teams of backend and frontend developers, trained and specialized in the most innovative technology in order to guarantee always the best and durable digital solutions. Tell us about your project and we will chose the right stack for your needs.

React Native
Javascript ES06+
Material UI
React Query
React Testing Library
Android Studio

Software development tailored for your business

For more than 10 years, software development has been our core business, where we come from and where we want to be in next years. Web and mobile applications, CRM, e-commerce, social network, blockchain, uber-like, AI, IOT is what we crafted so far, employing the best frontend and backend developers, engineers and designers. We build solid and future proof apps designed to achieve your business goals and match end users needs.

Teams of frontend and backend developers

Scalable cloud infrastructures

Responsive web development

In-house Quality Assurance specialists

Modern UI/UX design

Quality-centric architectures

Graphic UI/UX design

Our designers use always a human-centered approach to create amazing interfaces that also provide additional value to your users and your business. Whenever you need to craft the idea for a completely new product, redesign an existing one or realize a beautiful and user-friendly product, our team can help you achieve your business goals.

Quality Assurance

In Lasting Dynamics, delivering quality software is a mantra. We test your software in multiple environments to grant solidity and stability. Every new string of code, new feature or bug fixed, is always tested following a strict process. Our quality assurance team is trained to find bugs and regressions also using automated tests.

Full visibility on the development process

Our engineers use different agile practices aggregated across 15 agile methodologies we mastered during years; this kind of composition spills into the usage of any kind of workflow management system, from Roundrush to Jira, that allows us to keep the whole development process completely transparent in the way that any product owner could check the progress on a daily basis and catch new results in a continuous deploy and delivery environment.
All of the project milestones are tracked with an OKRs approach and the development happens in a private shared board every project stakeholder could access and analyse.

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