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Custom Web & SaaS Platform Development Services

Turn your business ideas into tangible web solutions. From enterprise tools to comprehensive SaaS platforms, we harness the latest in web technologies and trends to offer you a competitive edge in the digital world.

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Decade of experience, 30+ SaaS platforms across diverse industries

With a decade of experience under our belt, we've successfully developed over 30 SaaS platforms and web applications, delivering bespoke solutions for an array of sectors. We've demonstrated exceptional expertise in developing software and digital tools for the Banking, Insurance, Neuroscience, Constructions, Real Estate, Education, Healthcare and several other sectors.
Real Estate

& Fintech



Virtual Reality





Full team turnkey solution

Our dedicated agile teams guarantee the success of your web development products. With expertise and collaboration, we deliver high-quality results on time. Trust us to bring your vision to life for outstanding digital projects.

Front End

Responsive interface, grid based, reusable components, design pattern, state management

Back End & Devs-Ops

Clusters design, micro-services, RDBMS & NoSQL, REST & Graph API

Full Stack Developer & Tech Leads

Software architectures, reviews, boilerplate decisions, R&D, feasibility assessment

UI/UX Design & Ilustration

User flows, wireframes, hi-fi prototypes, animations, web design and game assets

Agile Project Manager

SCRUM, OKRs, team management, blockers analysis, communication, retrospectives, daily updates

Quality assurance

UAT, regression, performance, compatibility, UI, sanity and smoke testing

Our team's expertise

At Lasting Dynamics, we empower your business with an expert Agile team proficient in all aspects of software development. Our capabilities span across front-end, back-end, devops, testing, uiux design and agile project mangement.

Ready for the next step in your digital journey?

Discover how our web and SaaS platform development services can empower your business with cutting-edge, scalable solutions. At Lasting Dynamics, we leverage our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to help you drive innovation and achieve your business goals.
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Technology Stack

The power of the latest and most advanced technologies to develop innovative software solutions. Our carefully curated technology stack empowers us to deliver high-performance, scalable, and future-proof applications tailored to meet your unique business needs.


JavaScript library for building dynamic web interfaces with reusable components.


Typed superset of JavaScript enhancing productivity, code organization, and tooling support


Predictable state management for JavaScript applications, simplifying complex state handling


Versatile, beginner-friendly language for web development, data analysis, scientific computing, and automation


Efficient, simple, concurrent language ideal for building scalable systems and applications.


JavaScript runtime for server-side execution, enabling fast, scalable network applications and APIs

React Native

Progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces with a focus on simplicity and reactivity


Cross-platform game engine empowering developers to create immersive and interactive gaming experiences


Systems programming language emphasizing safety, speed, and concurrency without sacrificing performance


Robust and open-source relational database management system known for its reliability and extensibility


Fast, in-memory data structure store used as a database, cache, and message broker.

Mongo DB

Scalable NoSQL database providing flexible document storage and high performance for modern applications

Responsive design approach

Responsive web design, or RWD, is a design approach that addresses the range of devices and device sizes, enabling automatic adaption to the screen, whether the content is viewed on a tablet, phone, television, or watch.

Assuring unmatched quality in every app

At Lasting Dynamics, we embrace a 'quality-first' approach to software development. Our rigorous testing across multiple environments ensures that your software stands firm and performs optimally under diverse circumstances. Each line of code, every new feature, and each bug fix is meticulously tested through a stringent process.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) team, skilled in detecting bugs and regressions, also utilizes automated tests to enhance reliability. Our QA engineers strive to ensure the impeccable quality of your product by deeply understanding your business values. Whether it's a nascent product concept, an ongoing development, or a launched product, our quality assurance services are designed to fortify your success.

Our QA process extends beyond formulating and executing tests, involving the establishment of robust procedures and their automation.
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Level up your digital journey:
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Unearth the potential of your business by harnessing our expertise in crafting advanced and scalable solutions through web and SaaS platform development. At Lasting Dynamics, we combine our profound industry insights with technical mastery to fuel innovation and propel you towards accomplishing your business objectives.
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Privileges based administration tools allowing all CRUD operations

Manage your database entities with unparalleled ease using our intuitively designed web administration panels. Whether you require an entirely new development or need an integration into an existing system, Lasting Dynamics has the expertise to deliver. 

Our panels provide robust CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations, giving you full control and streamlined management of your database entities. Make complex tasks straightforward with our reliable and user-friendly administrative solutions.
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Data analytics and tracking: unleashing insights from day 0

01. Goals definition

Jumpstart your data analytics journey with our expertise in integrating the best third-party tools. We'll equip your platform with powerful analytics tools that align with your unique requirements, enabling the efficient tracking and analysis of user data from the start.

02. Conversion goal definition

Maximize your platform's performance by defining clear and measurable conversion goals. Our team assists in establishing tangible objectives, providing clarity on what drives user engagement and conversions, paving the way to an optimized user experience.

03. Data tracking and monitoring

Ensure constant vigilance over your platform's performance with our robust data tracking and monitoring services. Gain real-time insights into user behavior and interaction, helping you make informed decisions and quick adjustments for continuous improvement.

04. In-depth data analysis

Dive into your data with our comprehensive analysis services. We convert raw data into actionable insights, helping you understand your users better and uncover opportunities for growth and enhancement. Achieve informed decision-making with our meticulous data analysis.

Upholding data protection and Privacy standards

At Lasting Dynamics, safeguarding your data is paramount. We prioritize adherence to international and local data protection laws, taking comprehensive measures to maintain the privacy and security of your data.

Our commitment to these standards signifies our dedication to fostering trust and transparency, providing you with a secure platform that respects user privacy.

PCI DSS Compliant:

With adherence to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), we ensure the secure processing of card transactions, adding an extra layer of trust and reliability to your business.

CCPA Compliant:

We comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), guaranteeing the privacy rights of your customers in the US.

GDPR Compliant:

Our operations align with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the utmost protection of your user data within the EU.

Internationalization of your digital product

Integrate the code

Seamless internationalization need meticulous code integration, infrastructure adaptation and the incorporation of frameworks to support diverse languages.

Translate strings

To effectively engage a global audience, precise translation of all textual elements, often through collaboration with professional translators or localization platforms.

Users localization

Tailoring the digital product to align with regional preferences, cultural nuances, and user expectations, adapting the content and functionalities to diverse markets.

speak your users' language

To resonate with your users globally, language localization is key. Our team goes beyond translation, ensuring your web application is culturally appropriate and contextually accurate for each locale. This localization process encapsulates every aspect of your web app, from interface text to multimedia content. 

We meticulously consider regional nuances and linguistic details, ensuring your message hits home, regardless of where your users are. Bridging cultural gaps, we facilitate seamless user experiences, propelling your global outreach.

Intellectual and commercial property protection

At Lasting Dynamics, prioritizing our clients' rights is embedded in our core values. We guarantee our clients complete ownership of all intellectual and commercial property rights associated with the software and products we develop. With a steadfast commitment to client ownership, we hold utmost respect for and safeguard the proprietary assets of our clients. Our development agreements and contracts explicitly stipulate the seamless transfer of all work, including code, designs, and related intellectual property, to the client upon project completion. This ensures our clients maintain absolute control and ownership of the solutions we create for them.

Our reputation

Dozens of long-term partners that built  their tech team with us and that keep working with us since 6+ years now
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