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Dreaming of the next big game hit?

Transforming Concepts into Gaming Reality

We specialize in converting gaming ideas into fully developed, multi-platform experiences. Leveraging our technical expertise, we construct compelling narratives, integrate robust gameplay mechanics, and create striking visuals. Our proficiency extends across iOS, Android, Web, Desktop, and immersive VR/AR environments. Our goal is to ensure your game concept effectively engages its intended audience.

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Candy Fall: Your family's favorite game

Our understanding of player engagement has allowed us to shape Candy Fall into an addictive gaming encounter that charms both kids and adults. This arcade game offers an appealing journey where the selected sweets descend a candy cane and collect coins, choose skill-boosting treats, and dodge deadly rotten cakes - all against the clock. 

Gravitor: Run beyond boundaries

With a focus on visual effects, we've created Gravitor, a cosmic escapade. This platform game drives players through gravity-defying stages, invites them to unlock unique skills for their chosen characters, and tests their reflexes with carefully placed obstacles. It's more than a game; it's a thrilling adventure that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Platforms we support

We specialize in game development, providing a seamless experience across mobile platforms, web browsers, and virtual reality. With our talented team of developers and designers, we bring your imaginative ideas to life, creating captivating gaming experiences for diverse audiences.

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Mobile games

 iOS and Android

Web games

Web3 and NFTs

VR games

Meta Quest, Vision Pro

Cross-platform compatibility

We adopt a meticulous approach to develop games that are universally compatible. Using advanced cross-platform technology, our games run flawlessly on Android and iOS devices alike. We adhere to a stringent process that ensures optimal performance and user experience, regardless of the platform chosen. This guarantees users the flexibility to engage with the game on their device of choice, thus enhancing user satisfaction and reach.

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Allow our experienced game developers to transform your concept into a captivating game experience.
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Experience the VR & AR gaming

Step into the future of gaming with our captivating Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) games. Explore unimaginable landscapes, face thrilling challenges, and immerse yourself in extraordinary worlds that feel real. Each game we craft is a blend of stunning graphics, intuitive controls, and engaging narratives, all designed to transport you beyond the screen and into the heart of the action. With our VR and AR games, you're not just playing - you're part of the story.
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Our game development tech stack

The core of our game development relies on leveraging C#, Unity, Blender, and Rhinoceros - innovative technologies that stand at the forefront of our industry.
These powerful tools allow us to deliver top-tier games with engaging mechanics, stunning visuals, and immersive environments.

Introducing Rosmariano: 
A blockchain-powered browser game.

Our team brought to life Rosmariano, a unique blockchain-based browser game that captures the charm of an Italian farm consortium. Players engage in daily tasks to grow and nurture aromatic plants, with the potential for real-world rewards thanks to the integrated RSM token system. This game proves our commitment to deliver fun, utility-packed gaming experiences.

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Develop your NFTs or Blockchain project relying on a top leading software development company
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Leading the Blockchain Industry

We are honored to announce that our work has been recognized globally and we are listed on DesignRush.com as one of the top Blockchain Development Companies. This recognition reflects the commitment and expertise of our team in crafting innovative Blockchain solutions.

Crafting games: From concept to reality

Making a game is an exciting journey. It starts with defining a captivating concept, sketching out characters and levels, adding sounds and visuals, and thoroughly testing everything. In the end, we make sure it's an engaging game that players will love.

Creating UI Assets

Our game development process begins with the creation of high-quality UI assets that not only make the game visually stunning but also functional. The design team conceptualizes the style and layout for a seamless user experience, crafting high-quality mockups and wireframes. We deliver impressive UI designs that perfectly blend with gameplay to enhance user engagement and satisfaction

Game Development

After the design is finalized, our skilled developers start to build the game. This involves carefully writing code to bring game mechanics, artificial intelligence, and interactive features to life. Our game development process brings your vision to life with passion and precision. Once the design is finalized, our skilled developers take the reins, meticulously crafting code to breathe life into game mechanics, artificial intelligence, and interactive features. With every line of code, we create an engaging and immersive gaming experience for players to savour.

Quality assurance

Our games undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure players enjoy a glitch-free, high performance gaming experience. This approach provides our clients with a product that meets the highest industry standards and delivers an unmatched user experience.

Our methods and tools for success

At Lasting Dynamics, delivering quality software is a mantra. We test your software in multiple environments and devices to grant solidity and stability. In every addition of code, new feature or bug fixed, is always tested following a strict process. Our quality assurance team is trained to find every bug and regression by using automated or manual tests.
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Launch your app on App Store and Play Store

We maximize visibility and reach during our game launches, delivering a successful go-to-market strategy that drives downloads and engagement. With each title's launch, we deliver tangible results for our clients, ensuring an impactful market entry

Build & Validation
Review & Approval
Launch & Maintenance
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