Founders Loft, a new tech partnership for Lasting Dynamics 1

Tech partnership with Founders Loft

We are working with FoundersLoft one of the most innovative realities around Sweden, to provide startups and SMEs with quality software development, mentorship and design to avoid mistakes, maximizing the productivity and the budget allocation.

About Lasting Dynamics

Lasting Dynamics Group is a SME focused on quality software development, having offices in Italy, Gran Canaria ( Spain ) and Norway.

We serve customers all around the world, providing consultancy and developing only quality softwares that change their way to make business.

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1st web & app development company in Italy

In 2020 we have been awarded by, as the 1st Web & Mobile Development Company in Italy.
Furthermore, Michele Cimmino is nowadays ranked 6th on as one of the best worldwide IT profiles.

About Founders Loft

Founders Loft was created in 2019, but their history goes back as far as 1999 when the association Framtidens Företag was created on the initiative of the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

In 2000, they became an independent incubator to support entrepreneurs and companies in their development, which is still the core of what they do on a daily basis.

Founders Loft, a new tech partnership for Lasting Dynamics 2
Founders Loft, a new tech partnership for Lasting Dynamics 3

FoundersLoft now has over 20 years of experience in business development and more than 145 companies have started their journey in collaboration with them.

Our partner, strongly knows that building companies is not done on the basis of a framework – all people are different and all business ideas have different needs, so they sit down together to arrive at what suits startups and other incubated companies the most. They believe that sustainable entrepreneurs create sustainable companies, as much as we truly believe in this concept as well.

Services offered by Lasting Dynamics

We became the tech arm of several VCs and Business Angels, that hire us to develop their projects; this is also why we know how to serialize the development of SaaS platforms, regardless the niche in which they will be launched.

Turnkey Team Allocation

Team Augmentation Partial Allocation

Software Quality Assurance

Recruitment 2.0 LD Academy

Benefits accelerators have
working with us



Most of the early stage startups waste money and struggle even understanding where to start from, since they might not have any software engineering background or education, or just not have any experience approaching terms such as client-server apps, SaaS platforms, front-end, and back-end development, UIUX design, DevOps and Quality Assurance.

They have tons of questions bubbling in their minds that of course, if not cleared out, might lead to confusion and wrong decisions.

Lasting Dynamics organises a quarterly webinar that starts from this topic and lands on a Q&A process trying to help as many entrepreneurs as possible dealing with tech.


Workflow Management System

Most of the early-stage startups do not have a structured OKRs approach to their, and their team goals, also they do not properly enforce an agile methodology, regardless it would be SCRUM, Kanban, FDD, TDD, or whatever – doing it wrongly, they can’t measure the performance and do not reach any sooner their goals.

This is why in our offer we include free usage and open access for all incubated companies, to, the workflow management system developed by us and verticalized on software development and project management.


5% off on LD’s services

This is a unique deal, as a quality software development company, we do not provide any of our partners with special discounts, we don’t need it. But we do it to bring more value to the loyalty program and tech offer of your hub.


Academy - Recruitment 2.0

LD solves the problem of entrepreneurs that want to hire in-house developers only because they are afraid of outsourcing the development.

We have our own academy that every year trains around 100 developers; we hire most of them but the others can be presented to our partners in exchange for a referral fee.

Founders Loft, a new tech partnership for Lasting Dynamics 1

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