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We develop automated tests to help you release stable projects, without regressions or bugs

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What are Automated Tests?

If your software doesn’t work properly, it is possible that you are losing money without knowing, or maybe most people won’t buy or use it anymore. Testing to find defects or bugs is always time consuming, expensive and a repetitive job that can be subject to human error. Automated tests help teams to improve software quality by covering more lines of code with tests, having more accuracy and freeing up quality assurance engineers from human errors.

How we work

Codebase Analysis


Define testing strategy


Develop automated tests


Delivery and team training


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Unit Tests

Unit Integration Tests

React Testing Library

E2E Tests



Our method

We analyse your project codebase and find out where recurring bugs and regression could come from, then we refactor the code, cover it with automated tests and add them to the CI / CD pipeline. In the end, we even instruct your team on how to read and create new tests.


Improve product quality

Automated tests will find bugs that you can’t get a read of, and prevent them to happen again and again

Wider test coverage

Unlike manual testing, automated can process a larger data volumes, providing much test coverage

Increase productivity

Reducing the time required to perform tests, automation can definely increase overall productivity

Lower overall QA costs

Thanks to Automated Tests, your QA teams can focus on important tasks without wasting time looking for bugs or regressions hard to find manually

Fast releasing

You can accelerate the time-to-market of your software because automated tests can be run quickly, decreasing the overall testing time

Optimize team activities

While automated tests is running, your teams can focus on testing different and most important functionality

Efficiency over time

Software is the product most prone to premature obsolescence and the code might be affected by regressions and bugs due to its own nature. Following the right development process, implementing agile practices and covering it with as much as possible automated tests makes you grant the solidity that let it survive through the time with efficiency.

“Since Lasting Dynamics SRL implemented the tests, we see fewer regressions in new versions of our platform than before. Michele has also transformed the way we work, raising our professionalism and improving how we manage our tech team. He has the unique ability to understand both the technical side and the business side of things.”


Thomas Adamas

If you want a solid and bugs free software, we can help you stepping towards, designing and writing tests for your code.