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Time to bring agile methodology to your team

An engineered workflow is the first and most important part of the solution.

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Improve your team worklow

Most of the teams around the world are slow, not very productive and accurate because they don't follow an educated development process. Building a workflow that fits your team resources and practicing agile methodologies will seriously improve overall quality and performance.

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Taking the lead to train your leaders

When we analyze your project, your business goals, and the way your teams are working on them, we make a clear idea of what’s wrong and how we can help you improve overall performances. In many cases our partners ask us to take the lead of the project so that one of our experts could become a development process manager. This way you’ll be sure that the delivery of your software will match the deadline and, meanwhile, your team will be formed on how to manage the workflow and approach new challenges.

Process and Benefits

Team skills and experience analysis

Team training for most valuable agile practices

Definition and documentation of the new workflow

New workflow usage and weekly hooks for improvements and refinements

No need to hire more resources than you need

Less bugs and troubles

Have a solid workflow

Improve your teams productivity and happiness

We changed the way our partners work

We already joined several project as Development Process Consultant and results have been visible from the very beginning. See the story of our partners and read what we have made for them.

“Respect for the customer, understanding of the requirements and team needs, meticulous, almost obsessive research and attention to details, extreme success willing. Those who seek the best are willing to pay for quality.”

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