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A sales and workflow management system competitor of Pipedrive

Workflow Mangement
We built a highly-customizable, user-friendly sales pipeline.
Coraly introduces a new approach to workflow management, data integration, and process automation.


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We crafted Coraly to increase sales efficiency. It improves on outdated, inefficient systems. It's dynamic. It's advanced. It's a revolutionary sales pipeline, redefining how businesses approach sales. Coraly empowers users to track, organize, and optimize their sales processes.





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Out With The Old,
In With The New

Addressing Inefficiency in Traditional Software Systems

Our partner had many challenges. Manual workflows, disjointed workflows, collaboration issues, lack of insights into sales performance. It lacked key functionalities, speed, and customizability, and the initial platform was not scalable at all.

They needed a comprehensive solution to streamline processes, foster collaboration, and provide insights.


1. Inefficiency in Workflow Management

Disjointed processes in traditional software systems can slow down operations, affecting productivity and business growth.

2. Lack of Real-Time Insights and Customization

Traditional platforms often fail to offer the necessary tools for sales performance analytics. They lack customization capabilities to support diverse business operations.

3. Outdated Software Infrastructure

Outdated software that cannot handle large data integration needs slows down business processes. Such infrastructures lack the agility and scalability essential for modern business operations.


"The software we had in use was out of date, it was hindering our whole process. We had to get an upgrade, a platform that would easily cope with our massive data integration needs and our team's dynamic workflow.

Lasting Dynamics created a customized solution that met and exceeded our expectations. Furthermore, working with them was a really enjoyable experience."

Product Owner @ Push SRL

The Solution

A mix of Agile teamwork and experienced software architecture design was the best way to revitalize Coraly and kick-off the development

In addressing the challenges of the Coraly project, Lasting Dynamics dedicated an Agile team skilled in simultaneous refactoring, new development, and bug resolution. This strategic approach revitalized a platform initially hindered by its prior development, transforming it into a robust, production-ready solution.

Our team's collaboration with the client's product owner enabled a responsive and iterative development process, aligning with evolving business goals. This synergy led to a successful three-year partnership, marked by the release of significant new platform versions every quarter, effectively supporting the client's sales team and business operations.


Coraly's original version contained several issues that limited its effectiveness in sales management. A traditional, rigid structure lacked the customization capabilities crucial for diverse business operations.

The platform not only had structural and coding issues, but an old UI and an inefficient UX.



The redesigned platform introduces a huge amount of customization. It lets businesses tailor workflows to their exact needs. This adaptability ensures Coraly aligns with diverse organizational structures and processes.

Our focus on a sleek and easy-to-use design makes navigation smoother and improves the user experience.

Bid farewell to inefficient systems.
Invite in a new era of digitalization.

Lasting Dynamics creates quality software solutions that help you grow + scale your business. Reach out and tell us about your project. Our team has you covered.
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A Highly Customizable Workflow

In this project, we focused on developing a highly customizable workflow. Businesses can thus tailor processes according to unique requirements. This flexibility allows the platform to adapt to specific users and organizations.

Defining and modifying phases. Integrating personalized filters and views. Coraly puts the power of pipeline customization in the hands of its users, fostering a personalized project management experience.

Seamless Navigation with a User-Friendly Board

Critical to our strategy was creating a system fostering collaboration and user-friendly navigation. We introduced a clean and intuitive board. It ensures a seamless onboarding experience for users of varying technical backgrounds.

Coraly's commitment to user-friendliness not only streamlined processes but also maximized engagement. This approach facilitates a positive and productive user experience.

Efficiency Redefined with Automation

Coraly empowers any team to focus on strategic decision-making and relationship-building.
Lasting Dynamics' developers implemented an automation feature to take care of routine tasks. Follow-up emails. Updating lead status. Triggering notifications. This tool creates a more dynamic, efficient, and responsive sales environment.

Did you know that...

70% of our clients turn to us following bad experiences with previous dev teams. Clients seek the expertise and reliability that Lasting Dynamics is known for.

It's a common story in tech: ambitious projects derailed by inadequate development teams.

At Lasting Dynamics, we've become the go-to experts for salvaging such projects. We boast years of experience in reviving and reinvigorating troubled software initiatives. Annually, our team rescues the entrepreneurial dreams and careers of many small-medium and large enterprise decision-makers.

Previously, our clients had been trapped in development nightmares. Teams were improperly analyzing software requirements and not respecting deadlines. Clients would receive buggy products with many regressions.

Where does our recognition in the market as a quality-driven solution come from? It comes from consistently meeting and exceeding the complex demands of software development. What sets us apart is not just our technical expertise. It's also our commitment to transparency and fairness in every collaboration.

This ethos has surprisingly made us more cost-effective than many 'budget' providers.

Our company stands out in our industry for a few reasons.
We never miss deadlines. We maintain agreed-upon pricing. And we employ skilled professionals who engage in intricate work daily. Our operation is direct and hands-on; our team doesn't act as mere intermediaries. We avoid the pitfalls of haphazard code, ensuring we handle every aspect of a project with the utmost care and professionalism.

With Lasting Dynamics, your software project is our software project – it's a mission to uphold our standard of excellence in the IT world.

Adaptable Data Architecture

We've integrated support for both relational and NoSQL models. This unique, hybrid, custom data structure empowers users to define data types and structures according to their needs.

Our experienced RDBMS and NoSQL engineers have skillfully designed a flexible data structure. It accommodates various usage scenarios. This adaptability enables Coraly to serve a wide range of businesses and industries. Too, the system evolves alongside businesses' changing needs.

Seller Hierarchy Explained

Within Coraly, we simplified the construction of a vendor hierarchy. It offers a visual representation of organizational structures and roles. This hierarchy associates sellers with specific processes, enhancing collaboration and transparency. Coraly empowers users to create a dynamic vendor hierarchy, reflecting their organization's complexity.

Redefining Sales Management 
in a Competitive Era

Coraly transforms sales management for companies in today's fiercely competitive business landscape.

We haven't just addressed the limitations of outdated systems. We've engineered a comprehensive solution that increases sales efficiency.

Going head-to-head with giants like Pipedrive and HubSpot, Coraly emerges as a powerful alternative. It has user-centric design and functionality at its core. Our intuitive user interface ensures easy onboarding for newcomers while optimizing feature use.

Coraly isn't just a tool; it's a dynamic force for growth and innovation. Coraly equips businesses with a strategic advantage in the intensely competitive modern market. It is able to handle very complex data structures and safeguard finances by focusing on system safety. Coraly creates an efficient, high-performance, secure, and data-regulated environment for sales teams.

Team Composition

A group of talented minds united for the success of the app
Project Manager
Front End Developer
Senior & Intermediate
Back End Developer
Senior & Intermediate
UI/UX Designer
Quality Assurance

Architects of Modern Sales Solutions

Despite its modest size, this project's Lasting Dynamics team achieved remarkable success. We transformed a project initially plagued by poor execution into a reliable, intuitive tool. This work involved a complete redesign of the database and API, leading to a web app known for its stellar performance and easy-to-use design.
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Simplify your software journey with Lasting Dynamics. We handle the complexity of administrative tasks, ensuring your software runs seamlessly while taking care of all the paperwork. Ease, efficiency, excellence – that's what we bring to your business.

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