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Redefining time management in Nordic construction

Workflow Mangement
Time Tracker
Lasting Dynamics developed a platform for tracking working hours and managing staff. Intempus improves admin efficiency. With this project, we brought new ways to handle and track employee hours and pay.


Intempus serves businesses that need accurate time tracking and efficient employee management. Now popular in Nordic countries, it is designed for the construction industry. Our platform manages and tracks work hours, absences, and payroll in one place.

Including Intempus, Lasting Dynamics has developed 30+ SaaS platforms, including ERP solutions. These solutions have helped companies in 20+ industries, improving time-tracking, management, and more.






Intempus ApS



Tackling Inefficiency and Complexity

Our client hired us to solve a problem. The problem was an old platform. It was hard to maintain, had an unclear UI, and took a long time to learn.

Understanding the outdated interface took months. Its features - navigation, filtering, and reporting, for example - were not intuitive to use. Tracking work was complicated. Tracking vehicles was impossible. The method for scheduling time off for workers was unclear.

1. Limited Payroll Integration

The inability to seamlessly manage and process payroll within the platform leads to increased administrative work and errors in employee payment processing.

2. Inefficient Absence Management

Conventional systems lack an effective method for handling absence management, complicating the scheduling and tracking of employee time off.

3. Difficulty in Resource Allocation

With poor tracking of completed work and vehicle locations, resources cannot be allocated as efficiently as possible, affecting project management and execution.

"[Lasting Dynamics CEO Michele "Mike" Cimmino] is a high quality engineer and very easy to work with.
He exceeded expectations.

Highly recommend him, but please don't use too many of his hours because we want all of them. :)"

CEO @ Intempus

The Solution

Our team improved the platform for 7 years, resulting in VISMA acquiring Intempus in 2022.

Working together for 7 years, we migrated the platform twice. The launch of the newest version was the most successful. Our company consequently received a lot of attention from stakeholders, investors, and competitors. In the end, VISMA was so impressed, they acquired Intempus.


The old system had an outdated interface. Understanding it took months. It was hard to navigate, hard to filter results, and hard to track reports. Tracking vehicles wasn't possible. Organizing time off was not intuitive. Exporting was difficult. It was not easy to track completed work. As a result, resources were not allocated as well as they could have been. The design focused on function, not form, or usefulness.



Improved usability and search functions. The new interface included an intuitive calendar, for example. Our version introduced React and reusable components. The new system could now track vehicles with GPS. You could export reports to Excel. The new platform could track completed work better, which helped allocate resources better. Reporting and tracking improved. These changes made it simpler to organize holidays, track payments, and more.

Bid farewell to inefficient systems.
Invite in a new era of digitalization.

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Easy, Accurate Time-Tracking

Employees can log their hours with Intempus' web or mobile app. They can log their hours whether they're at the site or working remotely. This platform gives them a way to easily clock in and out digitally, and accurately tracks their time.

Intempus quickly prepares these reports for approval. As such, our team made moving the data to payroll and accounting easier. This feature speeds up admin work and makes it more accurate.

Boosting Productivity with Better Planning and UI

A planner tool boosts Intempus' employee management. This feature helps administrators organize and schedule tasks for each employee or team. As a result, our work enables optimal workforce usage.

The planner is an integral part of the platform. Our team updated its user interface and improved the user experience. As a result, it helps align employee tasks with project timelines, improving productivity.

Did you know that...

70% of our clients turn to us following bad experiences with previous dev teams. Clients seek the expertise and reliability that Lasting Dynamics is known for.

It's a common story in tech: ambitious projects derailed by inadequate development teams.

At Lasting Dynamics, we've become the go-to experts for salvaging such projects. We boast years of experience in reviving and reinvigorating troubled software initiatives. Annually, our team rescues the entrepreneurial dreams and careers of many small-medium and large enterprise decision-makers.

Previously, our clients had been trapped in development nightmares. Teams were improperly analyzing software requirements and not respecting deadlines. Clients would receive buggy products with many regressions.

Where does our recognition in the market as a quality-driven solution come from? It comes from consistently meeting and exceeding the complex demands of software development. What sets us apart is not just our technical expertise. It's also our commitment to transparency and fairness in every collaboration.

This ethos has surprisingly made us more cost-effective than many 'budget' providers.

Our company stands out in our industry for a few reasons.
We never miss deadlines. We maintain agreed-upon pricing. And we employ skilled professionals who engage in intricate work daily. Our operation is direct and hands-on; our team doesn't act as mere intermediaries. We avoid the pitfalls of haphazard code, ensuring we handle every aspect of a project with the utmost care and professionalism.

With Lasting Dynamics, your software project is our software project – it's a mission to uphold our standard of excellence in the IT world.

Making Payroll Easier, Faster, and More Accurate

Intempus makes payroll easier by connecting with current payroll systems. It manages, processes, and tracks payments to employees. It calculates working hours, overtime, and more, reducing admin work and mistakes. This integration makes payroll faster and more accurate, with less manual work.
Intempus can adapt to payroll models at a variety of businesses.

Customization Across Industries

Even though we developed Intempus for the construction industry, it can suit any industry. Intempus has many customization options. What can it customize? Things like collective agreements, approval flows, and specific rules, like the 60-days regulation.

This adaptability means Intempus is flexible. The platform can meet the needs of various industries, from construction to corporate.

Team Composition

A group of talented minds united for the success of the app
Project Manager
Front End Developer
Senior & Intermediate
Quality Assurance

Technical Backbone and Challenges

Developing Intempus required a robust tech stack. This included React for the web app and the PWA / mobile version. Our team integrated many features into a cohesive, user-friendly platform.

We made sure it worked well. That it could scale. That it could adapt to different industries. And our company nailed the implementation of these technologies. As a result, Intempus is now a top tool for managing time and workers.


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