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The future of real estate sales with AR and VR

Real Estate
An immersive platform that enables more sales in real estate and interior design. Sellers can bring properties to life before starting construction or renovations.

Lasting Dynamics Estate

LD Estate brings a new level of visualization and interactivity to real estate. It enables salespeople and clients to see properties in their future, renovated glory.

In an immersive environment, potential buyers can explore and engage with properties online. The experience boosts engagement and empowers buyers to make more informed decisions.


Web, iOS App, VR, AR




Lasting Dynamics Estate



Confronting a Sales Problem

It can be difficult to imagine properties in their finished states. This issue can make properties and renovations hard to sell.

Selling properties in poor or unfinished states can be challenging. How does one convince buyers of their true potential? It can be hard to imagine the possibilities, the upgrades, the renovations. It's easy to see only them how they are now. The same problem exists in interior design sales.

1. Difficulty Selling Based on Potential

The challenge of conveying a property's potential to buyers can hinder sales, as it is difficult for them to envision upgrades or renovations.

2. Outdated Sales Processes

Traditional methods of selling, like using paper catalogs, can make the sales process cumbersome and less engaging.

3. Limited Buyer Engagement

The old way of showcasing properties fails to engage buyers, leading to a lack of interest.

“The LD Estate AR app is your tool when it comes to designing your future home. It helps you in previewing how a room would look, for example, or how you could arrange furniture, to better plan your spaces.”

AR Developer @ Lasting Dynamics

The Solution

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, LD Estate transforms how sellers showcase properties. It makes properties more appealing and engaging.

The platform overhauls the old process. It makes the process more efficient, engaging, and customer-centric.
From initial interest to final sale, LD Estate enhances every touchpoint.
It offers a seamless, informative, and interactive experience.

Salespeople can now show customers what their properties will look like.

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360-Degree Virtual Tours

LD Estate's 360-degree tour feature is a step up in property exploration. This feature uses high-definition panoramic imaging. It stitches together a seamless, interactive view of the property. It's better than simple photos, or even videos. It allows clients to explore each room, envision changes, and feel the essence of the space.

Custom 3D Interior Design

At Lasting Dynamics, we can build virtual environments with Blender, Rhinoceros, or AutoCAD.
We can model the environment, add textures, add materials, and make it look realistic.
Salespeople can reach out for custom property models to show clients.

AI-Powered Interior Design Rendering

When salespeople reach out to us, we can us AI to quickly generate images of possible future states. These quick images serve a few purposes. First, they give clients options to choose from. Then, when potential buyers know which designs they're more interested in, we can make 3D models for them. Third, these images provide the 3D modeller / interior designer with inspiration. All we need is a current picture of a room to get started.

Did you know that...

50% of our yearly clients discover that hiring us, with our experience in 20+ industries, is better than hiring a company focused only on one industry

Our journey has led us to make 50+ web SaaS platforms and mobile apps.

Adaptability, across industries, is our specialty.
We've worked in fintech, insurtech, e-commerce, entertainment, neuroscience, construction, real estate, and more.

Our experiences are as varied as they are deep.
Each project enriched our team, individuals who bring with them a wealth of knowledge.

We've tackled 3 or 4 industries each, building software for millions of users.

We only need a few directives from a client-appointed project coordinator or a product owner.

Then, we meet industry-specific challenges and deliver solutions beyond expectations.
A prime example is our venture into the neuroscience industry. At first, our client considered training neuroscientists in Python and React.js.

The client soon realized the efficiency of entrusting us with the project. Our team delved into neuroscience, with some members even studying MIT publications.
We grasped concepts like spike-sorting, data curation, and problem-specific predictive AI modelling.

This dedication enabled us to design a user friendly experience and interface. It lets neuroscientists work swiftly and intelligently.

Turns out, it's not rocket science after all... it's just neuroscience!

VR, MR, and AR - Optimized for Apple Devices

LD Estate is available on the Apple Store for iPhones and iPads. We optimized the app for Apple devices, and wrote it in Apple's native framework, Swift UI. In doing so, we're leveraging the full potential of Apple's native ARKit library. This approach ensures a smooth, intuitive, highly-responsive user experience. 

LD Estate integrates virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and augmented reality (AR). Users can put on VR headsets, such as Meta Quest devices, and be immersed in the experience.
Or, they can use a smartphone for an AR-guided tour of their future home.
We plan to design for Apple Vision Pro, and to make LD Estate available on it.

Interactive Customization:
The Furniture Library

We've enabled customers and salespeople to reimagine spaces with an interactive Furniture Library. First, users browse furniture categories. Then, they select items that appeal to their taste and place them in the virtual environment. This hands-on approach empowers users to experiment. Different layouts. Different styles. Different themes. A buyer can use the Furniture Library to rearrange the living room or pick the right lights. It turns a space into a possible home.

Team Composition

A group of talented minds united for the success of the app
Agile Project Manager
Front End Developer
Senior & Intermediate
Back End Developer
Interior Designers
UI/UX Designer
Quality Assurance
Senior & Intermediate

Tech Stack and Development

Developing LD Estate involved a robust tech stack. We used Blender for 3D modelling. We used Reality Converter for file format conversions and Reality Composer for AR space integration. The main challenge was ensuring a seamless blend of these technologies. Delivering a fluid and responsive AR experience was no small feat! Especially on iOS devices, where we used Swift UI and ARKit.
Swift UI
C Sharp

Your Software, Our Expertise:
A Hassle-Free Approach

Simplify your software journey with Lasting Dynamics. We handle the complexity of administrative tasks, ensuring your software runs seamlessly while taking care of all the paperwork. Ease, efficiency, excellence – that's what we bring to your business.

Bid farewell to inefficient systems. Invite in a new era of digitalization.

Lasting Dynamics creates quality software solutions that help you grow + scale your business. Reach out and tell us about your project. Our team has you covered.
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