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Digital Transformation For Labor Consultants

Public Administration
We developed a mobile app for Italian labor consultants.
It makes managing duties easier, including making payments for their pensions. A variety of essential services are now easy-to-use and securely integrated.


The ENPACL App was a big initiative by the National Welfare and Assistance Institution for Labor Consultants. Launched in Italy in 2022, the administration wanted to digitize their pension services. Lasting Dynamics collaborated with ENPACL to make a versatile, intuitive mobile app.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS. We ensured it integrated with the existing web application. Services include pension management, financial transactions, and secure communication channels. As such, now it offers labor consultants a wide set of services.


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Bringing Digital Transformation to Public Administration

Our main task: give labor consultants secure, intuitive access to pension services. On mobile. Did we face challenges moving ENPACL services from traditional methods to mobile? Absolutely.
Both technical and user experience challenges, in fact.

The transition from paper-based systems to a digital platform required a meticulous approach. We needed to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive pension data. Especially when working with so much important data in public administration! ENPACL's move towards digitalization was about transforming the entire ecosystem of pension services.
Given the diverse technological skills of labor consultants, the task was complex.


1. Poor Pension Management for Labor Consultants

The process of managing pensions, including making payments, was cumbersome and time-consuming. It lacked a unified and user-friendly system.

2. Lack of Digital Integration

Before the ENPACL App, pension services were primarily paper-based. The system made it difficult to manage financial transactions and send secure communications.

3. Lack of Efficiency & Transparency with Italian Public Administration

There was a need for a system with more simplicity, transparency, and efficiency.


"We loved the attention to detail and the quality approach that made the app solid since its first deployment."

Decision-Maker @ ENPACL

The Solution

Lasting Dynamics addressed the unique needs of ENPACL.
We developed a solution that integrates essential pension services into a mobile platform. Easy to use? Definitely. Secure? Absolutely.

With financial transactions through PagoPA, the app makes money management hassle-free.
It ensures user security with SPID and Government ID logins, protecting personal information.
Consultants can access public forms quickly and efficiently. The app also makes the payment process more convenient by simplifying it. Optimized for both Android and iOS, it provides a consistent, high-quality user experience across various devices.

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Simplicity, Transparency, and Efficiency

We integrated PagoPA into the ENPACL App. What's PagoPA? It's a sophisticated payment system, designed for transactions with the Italian Public Administration. PagoPA streamlines the process of handling financial obligations in the app. Examples of obligations include pension contribution payments and service fees. With PagoPA, users can see pending payments, make transactions, and get instant confirmations.
All that, facilitated through a secure, practical interface. PagoPA does more than simplify the payment process for labor consultants. It introduces more transparency and efficiency.

Helping Consultants Easily Manage Their Finances

Lasting Dynamics gave labor consultants a clear, detailed financial overview of their pension. We included an account balance feature in the ENPACL app. We also included real-time tracking of pending and completed payments. Users can sort transactions by date, type, and status. In doing so, Lasting Dynamics helps consultants easily keep track of their pension.

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Easier Government ID Access

The Government ID Access feature offers an alternative, equally secure login option. 
The alternative is the Electronic ID Card. This method increases accessibility for those who prefer physical ID verification. The feature uses the smartphone's camera to scan the Electronic ID Card. In doing so, it ensures the correct identification of the labor consultant. This process bolsters security measures, while adding convenience. With this feature, Lasting Dynamics provided quick, reliable, and secure app access.

Simple, Secure Access

We integrated the SPID (Public Digital Identity System) into the ENPACL app. This integration provides a unified digital identity for Italian citizens. Also, this integration allows consultants to log in using their unique SPID credentials. This system reduces the need for multiple login credentials. Plus, it ensures a high level of security and data protection. The result? Ease of use with peace of mind.

A New Standard in Public Service Digitalization

The ENPACL App represents a major leap in digitalizing public services. We gave labor consultants a secure, efficient, convenient platform to manage their responsibilities.

The launch of ENPACL was successful. Its success shows how Lasting Dynamics marries high-tech solutions with real user needs. We set a precedent with this app for digital initiatives in public administration. Enhance your efficiency and accessibility in the public sector with technology.

Team Composition

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Technical Challenges Overcome

The development team faced significant technical challenges. 
These challenges included integrating various payment and security systems, while maintaining simplicity.

We integrated the Public Digital Identity System (SPID) and several third party government APIs and SDKs. The app also includes ID card scanning and the PagoPA payment system. Ensuring compatibility across different mobile platforms further added to the complexity.

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