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Selling supplements and locating local gyms

Gym Hunt helps users find gyms, learn new exercises, and track their workouts. It helps gyms sell products online and advertise their personal trainers.

Gym Hunt

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Gym Hunt has something for everyone. Gym owners. Personal trainers. Fitness buffs. Beginners and newbies.

For those working out, Gym Hunt is a fitness companion, designed to make working out easier. It empowers them to find the best nearby gyms and track workouts digitally. For professionals, Gym Hunt allows gyms to sell their products. Personal trainers in those gyms can also advertise their services.


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Gym Hunt



The Pain of Attracting New Customers

Breaking bad gym-finding habits

People often go to gyms they've seen while walking around. Are they the closest gyms to where the person lives? Not necessarily. If the gym is far, the person might be more likely to hesitate to go on rainy days. Indeed, people might not sign up at all. They lose out on health benefits. And those closer gyms? They lose out on customers.

1. Barrier to Gym Membership Enrolment

Uncertainty about gym proximity and suitability can deter individuals from signing up. People miss out on health benefits, and gyms miss out on customers.

2. Personal Trainer Visibility

Personal trainers can struggle to market their services effectively, limiting their client base and income opportunities.

3. Product Sales Challenges for Gyms

Gyms face difficulties in promoting and selling their fitness products and supplements due to lack of a dedicated platform, reducing potential revenue streams.

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CEO @ Gym Hunt

The Solution

Making it easy to find gyms, track workouts, advertise personal trainers + sell supplements online

Lasting Dynamics developed Gym Hunt, a mobile app for Android and IOS. 
Integrated with the Google Maps API, it helps people find the closest gym. Users can create their own profiles and track workouts. They can check their progress at any time. Gyms can advertise their personal trainers and sell gym-related products. All in one convenient place.

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Clearly Explains & Easily Tracks Workouts

No one knows everything, even gym buffs. The app explains unfamiliar workouts, and makes it easy to track them afterwards.

Manually recording weight can also be a bit of a hassle. As a bonus, we integrated the app with Feel Fit. Users can sync the app to a smart weight scale, automatically tracking their weight.

Did you know that...

50% of our yearly clients discover that hiring us, with our experience in 20+ industries, is better than hiring a company focused only on one industry

Our journey has led us to make 50+ web SaaS platforms and mobile apps.

Adaptability, across industries, is our specialty.
We've worked in fintech, insurtech, e-commerce, entertainment, neuroscience, construction, real estate, and more.

Our experiences are as varied as they are deep.
Each project enriched our team, individuals who bring with them a wealth of knowledge.

We've tackled 3 or 4 industries each, building software for millions of users.

We only need a few directives from a client-appointed project coordinator or a product owner.

Then, we meet industry-specific challenges and deliver solutions beyond expectations.
A prime example is our venture into the neuroscience industry. At first, our client considered training neuroscientists in Python and React.js.

The client soon realized the efficiency of entrusting us with the project. Our team delved into neuroscience, with some members even studying MIT publications.
We grasped concepts like spike-sorting, data curation, and problem-specific predictive AI modelling.

This dedication enabled us to design a user friendly experience and interface. It lets neuroscientists work swiftly and intelligently.

Turns out, it's not rocket science after all... it's just neuroscience!

Team Composition

A group of talented minds united for the success of the app
Agile Project Manager
Frontend Developer
Senior & Intermediate
Back End Developer
Senior & Intermediate
UI/UX Designer
Quality Assurance

The Technical Backbone

To develop Gym Hunt, we employed numerous technologies, including React, Laravel, and PHP.
Material UI

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