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A digital reinvention of traditional poker

Mobile Game
Transforming a variation of the classic card game into a modern online sensation. Built for browsers, Android, and iOS.

Andar Bahar

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Andar Bahar is an online betting game. It brings the excitement of a traditional card game to a global audience. Developed for mobile, desktop, and web browsers, Andar Bahar is user friendly with many options for gameplay.

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Andar Bahar



Meeting Modern Gaming Demands

Ensuring Andar Bahar's appeal and functionality across various platforms while maintaining the essence of the traditional game.

Moving a culturally rich game like Andar Bahar to an online platform required a lot of work.
The game needed a whole graphical suite, illustrations, and software. There are plenty of different poker games out there competing for popularity. Users might overlook a game that too closely resembled those already on the market. At the same time, users might dismiss an "old" game as unexciting. It was a delicate balance.


1. Maintaining Cultural Authenticity

Digitizing traditional games without losing their essence requires a blend of modern technology and respect for tradition.

2. Balancing Revenue and Player Satisfaction

Online games struggle to find the balance between generating income and keeping the game enjoyable and fair for players.

3. Connectivity Issues

Dependence on stable internet connections can disrupt the gaming experience, making it essential to offer offline play options.


"Great Work, Perfect Understanding. Work was done on time on budget Recommended"

CEO @ Andar Bahar

The Solution

Lasting Dynamics developed Andar Bahar with a modern, realistic, and engaging experience

Our team developed a game that kept the tradition of Andar Bahar, with modern features.
With Random Number Generation (RNG) algorithms, the game offers a realistic, fun experience.

Also, we crafted monetization to ensure a balance between revenue and user satisfaction.
The game is intuitive, engaging, and cross-platform.

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Personalizing the Gaming Experience

Andar Bahar stands out with its character selection feature. It offers players a variety of characters with distinct personalities and abilities. This element enriches the gaming experience and allows players to connect more with the game.

Flexibility for Every Player

Lasting Dynamics designed Andar Bahar to smoothly switch between online and offline modes. This flexibility ensures that players can have fun regardless of their internet connectivity. Every player can enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

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Excitement and Integrity

The heart of Andar Bahar's excitement lies in its betting system. Players can wager on outcomes, with winnings distributed based on correct guesses. Advanced encryption and randomization algorithms ensure secure and transparent transactions. As such, the game has both excitement and integrity.

Team Composition

A group of talented minds united for the success of the app
Agile Project Manager
Frontend Developer
Senior & Intermediate
Back End Developer
Senior & Intermediate
Quality Assurance

Development for High-Performance Gameplay

During Andar Bahar's development, our team focused on building a strong technical foundation. It underpins the game's advanced functionality and immersive user experience. The team meticulously crafted the front-end to ensure seamless interaction.

We built the back-end for reliable, efficient game mechanics and data handling. The key to achieving high-performance gameplay? Integrating state-of-the-art development tools and methodologies.


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