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Where shopping meets the metaverse

A virtual shopping mall where you can watch live streams showcasing a wide range of products, from physical items to digital goods and NFTs.


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Vetrinaverse is a platform that transforms e-commerce with blockchain technology. A pioneering proof of concept, Vetrinaverse turns shops into NFTs. In addition to providing shopping in a metaverse, Vetrinaverse allows users to use tokens to earn passive income.

Users also receive a Lifetime Deal (LTD) subscription on VetrinaLive, an existing platform. Vetrinaverse will launch its coin when final auctions are complete.


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Challenges in Modern 

Exploring issues including mistrust, security, and disconnection

In today's digital age, promoting and selling products through social networks has become the norm. Shoppers arrive at these platforms with a clear idea of what they want. They've read reviews. They've watched unboxing videos. They've heeded the advice of influencers.

Yet, these major websites seldom provide an engaging, transparent, and immersive shopping experience.


1. Vulnerable, centralized data

In traditional software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, a shop's core relies on a centralized server. Controlling that server is a single entity, which can be vulnerable to security breaches.

2. Lack of trust

Without transparent, secure transactions, customer trust in e-commerce platforms can diminish. This deficit affects customer loyalty and reduces the chance of repeat business.

3. Lack of diverse income streams

Conventional e-commerce models typically rely on direct sales for revenue. These models limit merchants' opportunities for financial growth.


"With VetrinaLive (a related project), we were able to convince thousands of low-tech shop owners to go online during the pandemic - without hiring any developers, without losing any of their revenue to commission fees.

The result is grocery, clothing and bar shop owners earning up to 150K€ per year with a whole new digital market at their disposal."

Michele Cimmino, Founder & CEO

The Solution

Decentralizing e-commerce: the NFT shop

We're transforming shops into NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This transformation ensures ownership is indisputably recorded on the blockchain. With blockchain technology, NFT shops have high security and transparency. As such, it's easier to build trust with consumers.

In this e-commerce platform, users can generate revenue beyond traditional sales. Shop owners get tokens to represent their store. Tokens can help users generate passive income. In this way, customers diversify their income streams.

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What are smart contracts?

With smart contracts, the terms of agreement are directly written into lines of code. They allow parties to carry out trusted transactions and agreements without needing a legal system or external enforcement. Vetrinaverse uses smart contracts to record ownership of the NFTs.

These contracts make transactions and agreements traceable, transparent, and irreversible. Smart contracts are self-executing, and they are part of the blockchain.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a system of recording information where it is difficult to hack, change, or cheat the system. Essentially, it is a digital record. The entire network of computer systems on the blockchain has a copy of that record.

Each block of information in the chain contains a certain number of entries (agreements, financial transactions, or asset transfers). Whenever a new block occurs on the blockchain, it becomes part of every participating computer's record.

The decentralized and unchangeable nature of blockchain makes it highly secure. In the case of Vetrinaverse, the system enables a transparent, tamper-proof record of ownership of each shop image.
How it works -> for beginners
The first step in the process
Each Vetrinaverse shop image undergoes an initial hashing process using the SHA-256 algorithm.
What is hashing?
Hashing is a method to convert data (in this case, the shop image) into a unique string of characters. This unique string acts as a digital fingerprint of that data. Each shop image gets its own hash value.
Next steps
After each shop image has a hash value, the system combines these unique values in a specific order. This combination produces a long string. This new string represents all the shop images together.

Finally, this new string is hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm. This final hash serves as a fixed, compact record of all the images in that specific arrangement. The final hash goes into a smart contract.

Did you know that...

50% of our yearly clients discover that hiring us, with our experience in 20+ industries, is better than hiring a company focused only on one industry

Our journey has led us to make 50+ web SaaS platforms and mobile apps.

Adaptability, across industries, is our specialty.
We've worked in fintech, insurtech, e-commerce, entertainment, neuroscience, construction, real estate, and more.

Our experiences are as varied as they are deep.
Each project enriched our team, individuals who bring with them a wealth of knowledge.

We've tackled 3 or 4 industries each, building software for millions of users.

We only need a few directives from a client-appointed project coordinator or a product owner.

Then, we meet industry-specific challenges and deliver solutions beyond expectations.
A prime example is our venture into the neuroscience industry. At first, our client considered training neuroscientists in Python and React.js.

The client soon realized the efficiency of entrusting us with the project. Our team delved into neuroscience, with some members even studying MIT publications.
We grasped concepts like spike-sorting, data curation, and problem-specific predictive AI modelling.

This dedication enabled us to design a user friendly experience and interface. It lets neuroscientists work swiftly and intelligently.

Turns out, it's not rocket science after all... it's just neuroscience!

Physical and digital, together

Vetrinaverse is not just any JPEG NFT project. We aim to use blockchain and NFTs to bridge virtual and real-world commerce. Imagine a new online shopping experience where you can:
Generate Vetrina Coins
Present products
Take part in shopping shows
Stream and interact while browsing shops

Vetrinaverse – an integrated marketplace

In Vetrinaverse, you can trade physical, digital, and NFT products by owning a unique shop. It’s a blockchain-powered platform for creating, showcasing, buying, and selling.

This marketplace offers many features, including:
Auction listings
Governance mechanisms
Trading history
Profile-based suggestions
Sale notifications
NFT drop alerts

What about VetrinaLive?

VetrinaLive is the easiest e-commerce platform on the market

Once you have a shop in Vetrinaverse, we automatically set up your VetrinaLive account. The two will be linked – you will oversee and manage your business in one place.
Learn about VetrinaLive ->

High quality NFT illustrations

Two Italian artists designed all the illustrations for the digital tokens from scratch. They considered NFT visual trends and created a gallery of variations. Each digital token is unique and creates a strong, customized, digital art presence.

Vetrinaverse is home to 2000 unique NFTs, with no duplicates. Randomizations of 50+ assets, categorized into 12 traits, make up the NFTs, including animals, lamps, windows, and more.

Team Composition

A group of talented minds united for the success of the app
Agile Project Manager
Product Owner
Front End Developer
Back End Developer
Senior & Intermediate
UI/UX Designer
Quality Assurance
Senior & Intermediate

Development of Vetrinaverse

One can access the Vetrinaverse website on desktop and mobile.

For the front end, our team used React, Next JS, and TailwindCSS. We used Docker, Nginx, and Node.js for the back end. The team used Python for the back end admin panel.

To communicate with Web3, create smart contracts, and share packages, we used Hardhat, Solidity, and IPFS.


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