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Our worldwide board of consultants

Best talented and experienced advisors and consultants around the world, that on a daily basis proactively invest their time in our enterprise growth.

Francesca Graziuso

Tax and fiscal consultant
Member of the italian board

Dr. Francesca Graziuso is one of the most talented and experienced consultants in Italy, she conducts collaborations in more than 10 different industries and with over 30 big companies.
She is the "dolphin" of the famous Italian tax advisory group "Martinelli Studio".
Nowadays starting a collaboration with Francesca is a privilege and only few companies can, this is why we have the unique bless that she loved our reality since the start and her personal friendship with LD's CEO helped us being always operating in fully transparency; thanks to her advices and hard work, Lasting Dynamics has been rated 3 years in a row 10 out of 10 by the Italian government, that identified in us a respectful, fully legal and transparent software house.

Alberto Miranda

Spanish tax and fiscal consultant

Don Alberto Miranda is the best international tax advisor and expert in the Canary Islands.
With his entourage, AMirandaWorldTaxConsulting, is able to let any kind of foreign company land in Canary Islands providing company formation, high-end business consultancy and daily strategic advisory that helps big and small business understand more of the Spanish law, always legally behaving and without occurring in any sanction.

Arne Oftedal

Norwegian legal consultant

Arne Oftedal's main areas of expertise are employment and pension law, environmental law, real estate law, transactions and public procurement.
He assists a number of large public and private businesses. He has also extensive expertise in contract law, company law, restructuring/insolvency and dispute resolution.
Arne is member of several boards and holds various positions in a number of organisations. He is the leader of the legislative committee on environmental and climate matters of the Norwegian Bar Association.
He is also the chair of the Norwegian Appeals Board for Environmental Information.

Heidy Arocha

Spanish/Canary Islands legal consultant
Member of spanish board

The lawyer Heidy Arocha is one of the most experienced and well known profile in Canary Islands - she has a strong background working with multinational companies in several industries, from gold mining to IT.
Heidy is also an immigration permits expert that helps Lasting Dynamics Employees outside of EU relocating from time to time to become part of the central head quarter in Las Palmas.
She strongly believes in our reality and proactively protect us under her shelter with strategic high-end advisory.

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