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Revolutionizing HR Dynamics with Insights

Developing a web and mobile app that provides tools to improve employee satisfaction and retain more talent


Minders is a great example of how to successfully mix elements to build a strong SaaS platform. React Native, Redux on the front-end. Back-end microservices built in Python and PHP. It's a web and mobile application. Minders helps companies and their employees unlock their full human potential. It enhances their workflow.

Multi-level access and permissions give HR directors more tools. They can effortlessly oversee their workforce, create surveys, and analyze employee satisfaction levels. With Minders, the relationship between managers and employees grows closer. Thus, Minders fosters a deeper understanding of individual potential and improves talent allocation.


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Overcoming Initial Hurdles:
Minders' Path to Innovation

Navigating the technical parts of visionary AI projects
is not for the faint of heart. Many budget-focused software houses often falter. They misunderstand the intricacies of advanced requirements.

This failure often leads to subpar solutions and a frustrating cycle of revisions, dampening the enthusiasm of innovation-driven market leaders.

A Danish entrepreneur envisioned Minders. His goal? Create tech to change how millions of people work daily, turning challenges into big wins.

They faced early setbacks. Misaligned partnerships caused budget overruns, delays, and significant drops in motivation. They had to change direction. The project needed quality-driven experts with the skills to handle their AI needs. A team that mixed technical expertise with big-picture strategy.

1. Poor Talent Retention

Many organizations struggle to understand how their employees' personal goals align with the company's objectives.
This disconnect results in high turnover rates, as employees leave in search of better growth opportunities.

2. AI Complexity

Implementing advanced AI technologies often proves too complex for budget-focused software houses. This issue leads to inadequate solutions and a cycle of costly revisions.

3. Barriers to Efficient Workflows

Without the right tools, companies find it challenging to optimize their workflows and unlock the potential of their workforce.
These barriers lead to productivity losses and lower employee satisfaction.

After ->

"Collaborating with Lasting Dynamics is heightened by their implementable suggestions, professionalism, and overall sense of responsibility for their work.

Their founder is extremely bright and very proactive, always coming up with new and better solutions.
I find the entire team to be very efficient and they carry out a highly transparent process."

CEO @ Minders ApS

The Solution

Embracing the challenge head-on, our Lasting Dynamics team embarked on a groundbreaking journey. We started from the ground up. On a tight schedule, we meticulously refactored the API and database architecture. 
Minders is now integrated with over 20 third-party platforms and tools.

We developed a bespoke AI model, tailored to meet Minders' sophisticated predictive requirements. This model propelled the project forwards. It also supported Minders through three pivotal stages of fundraising. Our international, multi-year collaboration realized Mikkel's vision and grew his innovative venture.

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Improving Life Satisfaction

We developed a survey-based algorithm that customizes users' Minders experiences to their preferences. The application welcomes users through a straightforward yet structured onboarding process. It gathers information from the newly registered users. Then, the algorithm personalizes nudge notifications based on users' selected interests.

The app tracks user satisfaction levels in various areas, such as work, family, sports, and hobbies. Using previous survey results, it suggests activities to improve users' lives. 
Later, it creates new surveys, assessing if the suggested activities yielded better results.
If not, it formulates new suggestions.

A New Era of Data-Driven HR

What makes Minders a powerful tool for organizations is the employee insight database.
Employee app usage ethically generates insights for the database. The platform's admin panel enables HR directors to effortlessly oversee their workforce. They can create surveys and gain full insights into employee satisfaction levels.

This data-driven HR approach improves talent retention and facilitates informed decision-making. Ultimately, it creates a more motivated, purposeful, and connected workplace.

Team Composition

A group of talented minds united for the success of the app
Project Manager
Tech Lead
Front End Developer
Senior & Intermediate
Back End Developer
UI/UX Designer
Quality Assurance
Senior & Intermediate

Building an Innovative Framework

Employing a hybrid approach, Minders forms a comprehensive and scalable architecture with:

  • React Native for cross-platform mobile app development
  • Redux for efficient state management
  • PHP and Python for the backend

Minders delivers a user-friendly onboarding process, complex survey algorithms, and personalized nudge notifications.


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