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The first quality assurance platform for solar panels

Transforming solar panel quality assurance through advanced AI technology. This project serves as a testament to our efforts in building AI tools since 2017.


Yoozen is a quality assurance platform for solar panels. It facilitates the shift to clean energy with AI image recognition models. The AI finds defects in solar panels during manufacturing, making finding tiny cracks faster and more accurate.

This model, appropriately trained with specific data, shows unparalleled precision and efficiency in defect detection.









Inadequate Defect Detection

Traditional quality control methods fall short in solar manufacturing

Solar panel factories can rely on teams of 20 people for quality inspections. This process is fraught with human error and inefficiencies. Existing platforms can struggle with suboptimal design. Quality control is thus less effective, and there can be significant production bottlenecks.

These issues hold back the world's green shift to renewable energy.

1. Human Error in Quality Inspections

Manual inspections by human teams are prone to errors. According to Yoozen, human QA operators miss up to 70% of microcracks and 63% of defects. These oversights lead to the production and distribution of substandard panels, affecting quality and customer satisfaction.

2. Production Bottlenecks

Reliance on extensive human labor for quality control creates production bottlenecks. Traditional methods are slow and less effective, hampering the ability to produce solar panels at scale.

3. Time-Consuming and Costly

The manual inspection process is time-consuming and costly, affecting the cost-efficiency of solar panel manufacturing. This inefficiency raises production costs, making the shift to renewable energy more difficult.

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The Solution

Catching 76% more substandard panels with AI

Yoozen's ZenSolarAI identifies issues that are often missed by human inspectors. In a study of 1,650 solar panels, ZenSolarAI found all 160 subpar panels noticed by human operators. It also identified another 121 subpar panels, catching 76% more than the human QAs. All in a fraction of the time.

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Reducing Manufacturing Costs with Pioneering AI

At a time when AI was still new, Lasting Dynamics led the way by developing Yoozen's ZenSolarAI. It boasts a 99.8% defect detection rate. With algorithms able to detect tiny flaws, Yoozen can reduce costs and make production more efficient.

Supporting Sustainability by Improving
Speed, Efficiency, and Precision

Implementing AI in quality assurance can reduce costs and time significantly. ZenSolarAI is 10 times faster and more accurate than manual inspections. Always learning, it adjusts to identify new types of errors, and uses predictive AI to suggest the causes of those errors.

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Improving Solar Panel Quality with Yoozen Web

The Yoozen web application is excellent at analyzing images of solar panels. It can precisely identify damage and scratches, improving quality control. Yoozen checks performance and creates detailed reports. We also provided a dashboard panel for factory admin to have a clear overview of the process.

Team Composition

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Technical Approach

Our team used React for a smooth user interface and Python for backend processing. We also used TypeScript and Node.js. We applied tools like Sci-kit Learn and Keras to analyze solar panels. With this blend of technologies, the system finds and learns from flaws in panels. The effect: making our quality assurance process more effective and reliable.
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