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Increasing revenue with a mobile candy game

Mobile Game
Using Unity, we developed a captivating mobile game for iOS and Android. Challenging and replayable, in Candy Fall, players guide candy down through cake platforms.

Candy Fall

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Mobile games are relevant to every sector, not just the gaming industry.
Mini-games like Candy Fall are designed for engagement modules in mobile apps, especially in banking and insurance. In other words, they can be integrated into any app to increase user retention and lifetime value.

In Candy Fall, players enter a delightful world. They must guide a piece of candy down through gaps in cake platforms. Players need to avoid spoiled cake, collect power-ups, and grab coins. We can customize the game to suit a brand and a user base audience.


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Solving a Common Engagement Problem

Banking and insurance apps, for example, often have low engagement and retention

Many companies have a common problem: customers don't spend much time on the main app. They open the app, quickly finish their tasks, and exit. The apps are sterile. Cold. Uninteresting. In failing to keep users engaged, companies risk losing customers to competitors.

1. Difficulty Differentiating from Competitors

Without unique features or engagement strategies, apps can struggle to stand out in a crowded market. This lack of differentiation can make it harder to attract and keep users.

2. Limited Interaction with Advertisements and Offers

Apps often miss the chance to increase user interaction with ads and offers. These missed opportunities lead to lower ad revenue and less effective promotional campaigns.

3. Low Open Rates for Notifications and Emails

Failing to captivate users can lead to low open rates for notifications and promotional emails.

"100% test case completion across 10 sprints.
All in high quality with 0 regressions."

Delivery Director @ MonstarLab

The Solution

Increases engagement, retention, and revenue

We developed micro-games like Candy Fall that companies can integrate into larger engagement modules. These modules can include rewards systems to increase user engagement and retention. These systems also increase the open rate on notifications and promotional emails. The Google Play store and the Apple App Store will organically advertise the app in new categories. As a result, people have more chances to download the app, and it becomes more popular. All this drives more revenue.

Bid farewell to inefficient systems.
Invite in a new era of digitalization.

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Power-Ups and Personalization

Candy Fall has power-ups like Clock (adds time), Fireball (destroys obstacles), and Rainbow (grants invincibility). Each adds variety to the game.

We allow players to personalize their experience with customizable candy skins.
This feature increases player engagement and adds a collectible element to the game.
The result? Players keep playing.

Did you know that...

50% of our yearly clients discover that hiring us, with our experience in 20+ industries, is better than hiring a company focused only on one industry

Our journey has led us to make 50+ web SaaS platforms and mobile apps.

Adaptability, across industries, is our specialty.
We've worked in fintech, insurtech, e-commerce, entertainment, neuroscience, construction, real estate, and more.

Our experiences are as varied as they are deep.
Each project enriched our team, individuals who bring with them a wealth of knowledge.

We've tackled 3 or 4 industries each, building software for millions of users.

We only need a few directives from a client-appointed project coordinator or a product owner.

Then, we meet industry-specific challenges and deliver solutions beyond expectations.
A prime example is our venture into the neuroscience industry. At first, our client considered training neuroscientists in Python and React.js.

The client soon realized the efficiency of entrusting us with the project. Our team delved into neuroscience, with some members even studying MIT publications.
We grasped concepts like spike-sorting, data curation, and problem-specific predictive AI modelling.

This dedication enabled us to design a user friendly experience and interface. It lets neuroscientists work swiftly and intelligently.

Turns out, it's not rocket science after all... it's just neuroscience!

5+ Million Downloads, More Popular than Starbucks & Netflix

Omne launched their insurance app with versions of our games inside. Their app rocketed to #2 in both app stores in East Asia, pushing out both Starbucks and Netflix.
It has over 5 million downloads to date.

Get a Version That Suits Your Brand and Your Customers

Allow us to analyze your business and your user base. We'll design an engagement platform that best extends your brand's reach. With our 20+ engineers, we can develop games, help publish the app on stores, and take care of 2D and 3D assets.

Team Composition

A group of talented minds united for the success of the app
Agile Project Manager
Frontend Developer
Senior & Intermediate
3D Designer
Quality Assurance

Integration and Performance

We created a React Native module that allowed us to deploy this game as part of other mobile apps. As such, the app became part of their engagement modules. Using Unity and Photoshop, we developed Candy Fall as a visually stunning, mechanically-sound game. Our artist used Photoshop to create assets for each single element of the game. We used Unity to develop the game core, and C# for backend logic. Built for iOS and Android, Candy Fall has a fluid gaming experience across platforms.
C Sharp

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