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Upgrading the premier destination for anime and manga enthusiasts. Catering to the expanding international audience, and scaling for future growth.

Sankaku Complex

Sankaku Complex serves as a vibrant online hub for people keen on anime, manga, and video games. At the heart of the platform is an active comment section. There, users engage in dynamic conversations + spirited debates on an array of topics.

Members can contribute their creative works, such as artwork and cosplay photos. Through this user submission system, the site encourages community engagement.


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Sankaku Complex



Meeting the Needs of an Exponentially Growing Online Community

Sankaku Complex had been quickly expanding in recent years. The client faced bugs with the existing platform and was missing out on growth opportunities.
The platform had an outdated, complex UI.
Monetization was also faulty, leading to economic losses.

The site had grown to be a success. But the technical side of it? Not so much. The user was stuck with a faulty platform. It wasn't able to support and cater to its new, massive audience. The platform had been stagnant for some time, and wasn't meeting user requests. Additionally, our client was missing out on monetizing its new, international audience.
Why? A faulty payment system.


1. Outdated and Complex User Interface

The platform's user interface made it difficult for users to navigate and engage with the content.

2. Faulty Payment System

A faulty payment system led to economic losses, missing out on revenue opportunities.

3. Lack of Modern Features

The absence of modern integrations, such as generative AI, causing missed opportunities for community engagement and growth.


"Lasting Dynamics significantly upgraded our platform, developing a generative AI service that has notably increased our revenue, contributing to an impressive 20-25% boost.

Additionally, the team enhanced our payment system by integrating cascading payments with multiple processors. Their accurate planning and execution of these features have been vital to our success."

CEO @ Sankaku Complex

The Solution

Our team analyzed the codebase, which lacked a clear design pattern and had bad practices in React.js.
We suggested bug-fixes, code refactoring, and security upgrades to improve Sankaku Complex a lot.

It’s transformed. The platform is now user-friendly, well structured, and secure. It can grow. Our team created plans for the site’s high volume of visitors. 
The site can now handle and store all kinds of media, even large files. 
Sankaku Complex has since become a top site for fans of otaku culture.

Our team analyzed our clients’ needs, then suggested a full set of solutions. We would upgrade Sankaku Complex. Now, the website is easy to navigate, and promotes creativity, engagement, and growth. 

The site draws many, many visitors — the site can now handle this high volume while organizing various media, like images and videos. Sankaku Complex turned into a top place for otaku fans. We made it together.

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The True Business Potential of Generative AI

How Sankaku's AI Integration Boosted Revenue by 15%

Our integration of generative AI into the Sankaku platform yielded significant results. Users can now use tokens to harness the power of AI and create original, engaging content. This feature enhanced the user experience and boosted sales.

Remarkably, introducing this AI functionality led to a 15% increase in annual revenue for the Sankaku platform. We’ll say it again: 15%. The increase shows our team’s ability to use AI to boost profits for businesses. It shows our expertise in business analysis, product ownership, and tech.

Fixing Payment System Bugs

When we first encountered the platform, its big issue was the payment feature. Sankaku Complex couldn’t handle all the subscription requests, leading directly to lost money.

Our team fixed the bugs in the payment system. Then, we added a “Cascading Payment System”, giving users a smooth paying experience in every currency. This feature ensured quick currency conversion, and fixed the faulty transactions.

We used the same concept with AI credits, too, which boosted income for the company by 10% in the very first month.

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Redefining Readability in E-books and Series

Sankaku Complex had a library of e-books, including digital manga, light novels, and video-game materials. Our team made this section better. We focused on making it easier to read with a clean UI and a smooth vertical scroll instead of navigation arrows. This change, which we also added to the mobile version, makes reading online more like reading real manga.

We also improved the reading experience by adding action tabs. These tabs only show up when the user scrolls. Think of this feature as a “drawer.” It lets readers find more about what they’re reading.  They can also rate items, save them as favorites, and share the content.

Improving SEO With Tag Management

Our team created a tool for better tag management. It’s for search engine optimization (SEO). This tool makes organizing tags on images, articles, and other content easier. Since it improves search engine rankings, it helps people find your content faster. With this feature, managing lots of data and serving many users becomes simpler. They can quickly find, categorize, and use the content they need.

Increasing Sales With A Referral Program

Promoting the platform's expansion, we introduced a referral point system. This concept motivates users to share the platform and engage in introducing a new audience, to gain credit that can later be used within the platform. Our approach on Sankaku Complex was not only that of improving the technical side of the platform but also implementing well-thought features that help the company optimize the user's flow, increase profitability, and scale for future growth.

Team Composition

A group of talented minds united for the success of the app
Agile Project Manager
Front End Developer
Senior & Intermediate
Back End Developer
Senior & Intermediate
UI/UX Designer
Quality Assurance
Senior & Intermediate

Expertise and Agility

We strategically assembled a dynamic team blending highly experienced senior professionals with robust mid-level experts. This diverse team skillfully navigated the platform's vast complexity and multitude of challenges, prioritizing bug fixes and refactoring before expanding features with structured and clean code.

Given the intricacies of data protection, stringent security measures in this industry, and intricate payment processing systems including traditional methods, cryptocurrencies, and coupons, this project demanded the exceptional talent and seasoned expertise our team members provided.

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