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Custom, immersive VR for the gaming industry

Lasting Dynamics has developed an immersive VR horror game.
It's available now on the Meta store.

Lights Out

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Lights Out is a thrilling virtual reality (VR) horror game set in a mysteriously dark mansion. Players navigate the eerie corridors and poorly-lit rooms with only a revolver, a flashlight, and a pistol.

The flashlight will run out of battery. Heavy zombie breathing permeates the air. Available on the Meta Store, Lights Out is optimized for leading VR platforms.

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Challenges of Developing in Virtual Reality

Developing in VR (Virtual Reality) presents unique challenges, distinct from traditional game development.

VR game development has unique challenges. VR games often need more physical space, and ways for users to avoid hitting furniture. User interfaces and interactions in 3D spaces are different. Creating a realistic experience needs top graphics and motion tracking. Processing power, battery life, and graphical capabilities of devices can all constrain development.


1. Limited Realism in Gaming

Flashlights in VR games can contain unlimited battery life, reducing the sense of dread compared to when it is limited.

2. Predictable Gaming Environments

Games often have repetitive, brightly-lit environments. The light takes away the thrill of surviving in eerie, dark, unpredictable settings.

3. Scarcity of Physical Activity

In traditional gaming, there's usually little physical engagement. The experience is thus a sedentary one for players, with few health benefits.


"A VR horror game just hits differently than any other 3D game. It completely immerses players in terrifying scenarios, making everything feel super real.

There are many parts of a horror game that could enhance the overall user experience. For example, we could add a feature to reduce stamina over time, making it harder for the user to just keep running away."

VR Developer @ Lasting Dynamics

The Solution

Weaving nightmares: immersive horror experiences in VR

Intuitive interfaces. Eerie staircases. Zombies out for blood. Lasting Dynamics used advanced VR tech to develop Lights Out. Players can sit, stand, and move around their real-world space, while immersed in the game. Limited battery life makes the experience real. The darkness makes it unpredictable. The headset makes it interactive and physically engaging.

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Adding Realism & Interactivity in VR

Lights Out merges the thrilling elements of horror with cutting-edge VR technology. 
Players spawn in a mansion with angry zombies, oppressive darkness, and limited resources. Available on the Meta Store, Lights Out shows how VR can transcend traditional gaming, providing an immersive, interactive experience.

Did you know that...

50% of our yearly clients discover that hiring us, with our experience in 20+ industries, is better than hiring a company focused only on one industry

Our journey has led us to make 50+ web SaaS platforms and mobile apps.

Adaptability, across industries, is our specialty.
We've worked in fintech, insurtech, e-commerce, entertainment, neuroscience, construction, real estate, and more.

Our experiences are as varied as they are deep.
Each project enriched our team, individuals who bring with them a wealth of knowledge.

We've tackled 3 or 4 industries each, building software for millions of users.

We only need a few directives from a client-appointed project coordinator or a product owner.

Then, we meet industry-specific challenges and deliver solutions beyond expectations.
A prime example is our venture into the neuroscience industry. At first, our client considered training neuroscientists in Python and React.js.

The client soon realized the efficiency of entrusting us with the project. Our team delved into neuroscience, with some members even studying MIT publications.
We grasped concepts like spike-sorting, data curation, and problem-specific predictive AI modelling.

This dedication enabled us to design a user friendly experience and interface. It lets neuroscientists work swiftly and intelligently.

Turns out, it's not rocket science after all... it's just neuroscience!

VR Development: A Gateway to Unparalleled Experiences

The creation of "Lights Out" illustrates the specific challenges of VR game development.
It also shows our team's ability to integrate motion tracking, graphics, and the user experience.

The Health and Physicality of VR Gaming

Unlike traditional games where players remain passive, Lights Out encourages players to move. This feature improves the gaming experience and players' real-world health. 
This game demonstrates Lasting Dynamics' commitment to developing entertaining, healthy VR experiences.

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Developing Innovative, Custom VR Games

Developing LD Sports required a robust tech stack and an innovative approach. Unity was crucial for game development. We used Blender for 3D modelling. Photoshop for textures. Figma for interface design.

The team focused on ensuring high-quality graphics and performance. We can help our customers publish applications on the stores.

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