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🌱 Your employees management platform


Track easily hourly work of your employees, even when they are outdoor, and manage payment, absences and expense notes


Intempus is a company based in Copenaghen that offers an employees management platform for enterprises. Thanks to this application it becomes very simple to track jobs and employees activities, even on real time outdoor. Your employees can record hours of work, absences, work travels and expenses directly with the application so you can easily manage everything in one place.


With Intempus we have built an ongoing and strong partnership since two years. They needed to improve the platform since the technology at its base was quite old and during the process they wanted to learn how to optimize their workflow management.


We have worked with their team as development process consultant in order to optimize their workflow and the actual platform, fixing bug and regressions. At the same time, we have a team that is developing a new web application with the last and most advanced technology. This new platform will then replace totally the older one.

Technology stack

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