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🌱 School goes cloud. A web and mobile app for students, teachers and parents

School Suite


Schoolthinks is a New York company that provides services for school and education and they wanted to develop a platform designed to provide students, parents, teachers and principals a way to interact smoothly with school tasks such as plans, studies, tests, lessons, marks, projects, documentation and it’s also an easy way to let everybody interact quickly and directly.

Our solution

We built a web and mobile application using React and React Native. Push notifications allow teachers to communicate cancelled lessons and they can even upload documentations and didactic materials. In addition, we add the possibility to do tests directly on the platform by tablets. Crafted to be appealing for students and very easy to use for principals and parents, our graphic designers worked on a flat, gradient oriented, clean interface.

Technology stack

logo react
logo javascript
logo node.js
logo material ui
logo redux

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