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Cross-Platform Game Development

Discover our exciting game creations, developed with high technival accuracy for web browsers, iOS, Android and VR platforms.

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Game Team Capabilities

Mobile Games

Our team of experts blends technical know-how with creative ingenuity to craft mobile gaming experiences that captivate and amuse. Whether you're using iOS or Android, our mobile games are built to seamlessly adapt to your device, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming adventure on the move.

VR Games

Step into the future of gaming with Lasting Dynamics' VR games. Our VR game development squad is committed to crafting immersive and thrilling virtual reality experiences. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, our VR games are designed to redefine your gaming journey.

Web Games

We provide a wide variety of web games that cater to a broad audience. Our web games are easily accessible directly through your web browser, offering convenience and user-friendliness. Whether you're seeking casual gaming fun or a deeper gaming experience, our web games deliver quality and entertainment right at your fingertips.

Candy Fall: a sugary descent challenge

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Real-Time 3D Candy World

In the Candy Fall universe, gamers control a falling candy, guiding it from a towering candy cone to platforms made of cake segments. It's not just about looks; each cake tier presents different challenges.

Certain cakes work like trampolines, while others, when spoiled, can slow you down. Players can use three unique power-ups, each offering features like increased speed or magnetic attraction.

From a technical standpoint, the game focuses on real-time 3D graphics rendering, realistic physics for candy motion, and a global leaderboard system to measure worldwide performance.

Creative User Experiences

Candy Fall offers a creative space for your imagination to run wild. While guiding the candy down cake platforms, you'll find just the right mix of fun and challenge. With easy-to-use controls and innovative gameplay, it's a game for everyone, regardless of age. You're encouraged to unleash your creative strategies and immerse yourself in a truly engaging experience.

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We redefine cross-platform gaming with innovation and fun. Ready to game without limits?
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Gravitor: Mastering Gravity with Style

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Universe in Motion, A Gravity-Bending Adventure

Gravitor takes place in a universe where gravity is anything but ordinary, offering both the ceiling and ground as viable paths for its avatars.

Players get to choose between two characters: Zane ShieldWave, known for precision, and Aria SpeedRift, a master of swift agility. What sets them apart are their unique outfits, which not only change how they look but also grant them special abilities. What distinguishes them are their distinctive attire, which not only alters their appearance but also bestows upon them unique abilities. For instance, some the outfits grant Zane the ability to project protective shields, meanwhile Aria can slow down time when wearing them.

As players journey through the game, they'll encounter a variety of challenges, including pesky flying drones that require both skill and strategy to overcome. Gravitor is all about intricate physics, flexible character movements, and a richly detailed gaming world.

Fun and Intuitive Gameplay

Gravitor offers an immersive experience tailored for pure enjoyment. Thanks to its simple controls, you can effortlessly jump into the action, overcome challenges, and glide through the environment with ease.

Whether you're navigating the skies or testing your skills on the ground, Gravitor's user-friendly design ensures a fantastic gaming experience from beginning to end.

Virtual Reality Sports Development

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Crafting Realistic VR Sports Experiences

Developing sports simulations for virtual reality entails several challenges. Realistic physics and natural character movements are crucial for an engaging experience. Lifelike environments and intuitive controls are essential for smooth gameplay and user engagement.

Balancing realism with playability and enjoyment is a key consideration in the development process.

Street Hoops

Dive into virtual basketball fun with LD Sports' Street Hoops game. Try your hand at free-throw and three-pointer challenges to test your aim and skills. Enjoy the game with realistic ball movements and smooth player actions.
Whether you want to beat your own scores or just have a good time, this game offers an engaging and active basketball experience to keep you entertained.

Timberline Trials

Get ready to test your archery skills in LD Sports' Timberline Trials game. Take on various archery challenges with different target distances and wind conditions. Feel like you're using a real bow and arrow as you aim for accuracy.
This game is designed to keep you entertained while you work on your precision in a virtual world. It's the ultimate archery adventure that will keep you engaged and active.

Padel Pursuit

Experience the fast-paced world of padel on your screen with LD Sports' Padel Pursuit game. Play thrilling one-player padel matches on a lively court where every move counts. Enjoy the game's realistic ball movements and smooth player actions for an exciting padel experience.
Whether you're new to padel or a seasoned player looking for some active fun, this game offers an engaging and energetic way to enjoy padel.

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We redefine cross-platform gaming with innovation and fun. Ready to game without limits?
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The browser game that makes you earn real crypto currencies playing online

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Cryptocurrency rewards in a unique gaming experience

The true excitement of this game lies in the real rewards it offers - successful achievements lead to the creation of actual units of cryptocurrency. This case study showcases our ability to create immersive gaming experiences that both entertain and educate while also providing valuable rewards, all through the innovative use of blockchain technology.

Mini Games

In addition to the main gameplay, we've included mini-games. These are not just enjoyable diversions; they are strategically designed to offer boosts and accelerations in the production process, further motivating player involvement. This dynamic combination of main gameplay and mini-games creates an exciting and immersive environment for players.


The game revolves around a concept we've named 'Spherography', which essentially represents development trees for various essential oils and spices. As players advance, they unlock more complex stages in the production process. The spherography system adds depth and progression to the gaming experience, making it more engaging and rewarding.

Cross-platform compatibility

We adopt a meticulous approach to develop games that are universally compatible. Using advanced cross-platform technology, our games run flawlessly on Android and iOS devices alike, as well on VR platform such Oculus. We adhere to a stringent process that ensures optimal performance and user experience, regardless of the platform chosen. This guarantees users the flexibility to engage with the game on their device of choice, thus enhancing user satisfaction and reach.

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