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AI Case Studies

Discover how we apply AI in real-world scenarios. Our case studies detail the innovative solutions and outcomes we've achieved for our clients. Explore our AI solutions to see our results-driven approach in action.
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AI Team Capabilities

Natural Language Processing

Our artificial intelligence development services help transform your user experience by driving NLP-related custom AI solutions with capabilities like real-time speech recognition and conversation AI.

Computer Vision and OCR

Our team is specialized in developing AI solutions that accurately recognize and interpret visual information. We excel in biometric authentication, video monitoring, and analysis, ensuring dependable and effective security solutions.

Machine Learning

Our team applies its extensive knowledge in supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement machine learning to develop intelligent systems that require minimal human intervention yet make optimal decisions.

Deep Learning

We use the multi-layered neural networks to design custom AI solutions that can replicate and surpass the operations of a human brain.

Robotic Process Automation

Our expert team is capable of offering Robotic Process Automation solutions that can help you increase your overall business efficiency, reduce errors, increase agility as well as improve employee productivity.

Neural Networks

Neural Networks are computer systems of interconnected nodes inspired by the human brain. Our AI developers can help your team create neural networks and use deep learning techniques to improve performance.

The App that reinvents the Insurance Experience

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advanced AI health assessment

We're pleased to spotlight the 'Digi-Check' feature we developed for our client, showcasing our dedication to crafting cutting-edge health solutions. Digi-Check, fueled by AI, offers users a seamless way to monitor their health. Our tailored module leverages facial recognition and a model trained with hospital patient data, enabling a quick facial scan to provide immediate health insights. This approach epitomizes our commitment to integrating sophisticated technology with healthcare, delivering privacy-conscious health assessments to keep users informed and proactive in their health management.

Creativity and Inspiration with Omne's Generative AI

We've integrated the power of Generative AI into Omne by utilizing the DALL·E 2 API. This integration allows you to generate mesmerizing images effortlessly, simply by entering descriptive prompts. It's an ideal feature for those in search of creative spark without the burden of choice.

Envision your concepts materializing through mere words, as this Generative AI feature translates them into striking visual pieces. This intuitive addition to Omne's platform makes it straightforward to manifest your imaginative visions, streamlining the design workflow and making it easy to showcase your innovative visuals on social media.

AI-Powered Solutions: The Key to Productivity in Production Line Factories

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Revolutionizing Solar Panel production:
AI-driven Quality Assurance

To address challenges related to oversight, we've implemented an AI solution that outperforms human operators in both speed and accuracy. With an impressive detection rate of 99.8% for potential solar panel flaws, this AI represents a significant advancement.

Previously, a team of 20 individuals managed the assembly line. Now, a single operator supervises the AI's monitoring process, either confirming or rejecting its findings. This transformation has resulted in a tenfold increase in speed and a 2.5-fold improvement in detection accuracy compared to human operators.

This system was first introduced in several Chinese factories in 2017, underscoring our dedication to client needs. We have since rolled out two updated versions to ensure Yoozen keeps pace with the dynamic advancements in solar panel technology and the increasingly stringent standards of quality assurance.

AI Transformation Starts Here

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The first SaaS platform for neuroscience

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Curation with AI

This advanced AI, built on human-curated models, streamlines dataset refinement, and substantially reduces manual intervention. This automation not only trims down time-intensive tasks but also identifies units needing relabeling or merging, amplifying your efficiency.

DBCloud is the perfect example of digital transformation, as a process that earlier took roughly 6 months for 2 experts, now takes only 3 weeks of QA after the output generated by the AI in few minutes.

But there's more to it. Our AI's precision is designed to enhance with every training cycle: once it's adapt, the refined curation techniques are made user-friendly, empowering even those unfamiliar with spike sorting.

Model Training Made Easy

With our expertise, you can train your own dedicated AI model. Use your carefully selected data to train AI models, refining their accuracy based on your data choices.

This doesn't just offer the benefits of AI assistance; it also lets you shape it into a custom solution that matches your unique needs. It's a peek into the future of data management, where AI seamlessly integrates with your software engineering skills.

DBCloud is one of the innovative digital transformations that Lasting Dynamics has achieved with the valued support of our customer, "Diagnostic Biochips."

Our agile workflow management system

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The Future of Workflow Management in Virtual Reality

Roundrush VR is a window into the future of project management. With compatibility across all Oculus VR devices, this software utilizes cutting-edge virtual reality technology to redefine how we approach project workflows. Its comprehensive task management features make it a complete solution for managing projects in a virtual environment, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Roundrush is not just another workflow management platform. It’s an innovative agile methodology that combines the best practices from SCRUM, KANBAN, TDD, XP ingrained with OKRs and Shu-Ha-Ri principles.

Your Personal AI Assistant in Roundrush VR

We've developed a personal assistant that blends ChatGPT and voice recognition to tackle a significant user experience challenge. Powered by AI tech, this breakthrough seamlessly turns spoken words into text with precision and minimal effort, eliminating the need for manual input. This used to be a significant limitation for VR/AR/XR-based business tools.

Say farewell to text input methods and welcome a new era of convenience in VR interactions. With AI algorithms constantly learning and adapting, technology is getting smarter, offering a personalized experience.

AI Transformation Starts Here

Experience the power of AI solutions with Lasting Dynamics. Ready to transform your business?
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We are listed on Clutch as Top Artificial Intelligence Company in Spain and Top Machine Learning Company in Italy.

We are always investing in new technologies, and we are glad that our effort it’s awarded by one of the most important B2B Marketplace for agencies.

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