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VR, AR and Spacial Computing
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Discover how these technologies are changing the entertainment world and how forward-thinking businesses can transform everyday applications into immersive virtual experiences.

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VR, AR, MR Team Capabilities

Crafting Immersive Environments

The initial phase involves the careful crafting of 3D elements and captivating settings using powerful software like Blender, Rhinoceros, Maya, and Cinema 4D. Our expert team brings your virtual world to life with meticulous precision and unmatched creativity, ensuring an immersive and captivating experience.

Designing the interactions

We create an intuitive and engaging experience through interactive UI and scenes. By harmoniously blending Figma and Shape XR, we craft user interfaces that captivate and immerse your audience, fostering seamless interactions with your virtual environment.

Bringing the Vision Together

The most important part of the process is assembling your project in Unity, one of the top game development platforms in the industry. Using our expertise, we seamlessly integrate 3D elements, interactive features, and complex logic into a unified whole.

Workflow Management System

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The Future of Workflow Management in Virtual Reality

Roundrush VR is a window into the future of project management. With compatibility across all Oculus VR devices, this software utilizes cutting-edge virtual reality technology to redefine how we approach project workflows. Its comprehensive task management features make it a complete solution for managing projects in a virtual environment, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Roundrush is not just another workflow management platform. It’s an innovative agile methodology that combines the best practices from SCRUM, KANBAN, TDD, XP ingrained with OKRs and Shu-Ha-Ri principles.

Virtual Work Environments

Roundrush VR allows users to customize their virtual workspaces with various environments and ambient sounds, creating a personalized and immersive atmosphere that enhances focus and creativity, offering a unique and engaging experience.

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Virtual Reality Sports Development

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Crafting Realistic VR Sports Experiences

Developing sports simulations for virtual reality involves addressing key challenges. To provide an engaging experience, it's essential to achieve realistic physics and natural character movements. Additionally, creating lifelike environments and user-friendly controls is crucial for smooth gameplay and high user engagement. Striking the right balance between realism and playability is a significant consideration in the development process.

Street Hoops

Dive into virtual basketball fun with LD Sports' Street Hoops game. Try your hand at free-throw and three-pointer challenges to test your aim and skills. Enjoy the game with realistic ball movements and smooth player actions.
Whether you want to beat your own scores or just have a good time, this game offers an engaging and active basketball experience to keep you entertained.

Timberline Trials

Get ready to test your archery skills in LD Sports' Timberline Trials game. Take on various archery challenges with different target distances and wind conditions. Feel like you're using a real bow and arrow as you aim for accuracy.
This game is designed to keep you entertained while you work on your precision in a virtual world. It's the ultimate archery adventure that will keep you engaged and active.

Padel Pursuit

Experience the fast-paced world of padel on your screen with LD Sports' Padel Pursuit game. Play thrilling one-player padel matches on a lively court where every move counts. Enjoy the game's realistic ball movements and smooth player actions for an exciting padel experience.
Whether you're new to padel or a seasoned player looking for some active fun, this game offers an engaging and energetic way to enjoy padel.

Virtual Reality & Augumented Reality
in Real Estate industry

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The Future of Real Estate:

360-Degree Tours for Your Dream Apartment

At Lasting Dynamics, we're leading a major change in real estate exploration, driven by VR and AR technologies. Our cutting-edge features bring futuristic property experiences to a range of devices, from VR headsets to smartphones and computers.

With our carefully crafted 360-degree tours, we create a bridge between imagination and reality, allowing customers to do more than just look at potential properties. Whether you prefer the convenience of a computer screen or the immersive VR experience, we're changing the way real estate projects become a reality.

A Close Look at LD Estate AR's Features

To understand how Estate AR works, let's explore spatial mapping, camera tracking, and real-time 3D rendering. With these technologies, the app creates a space where digital objects behave just like real ones. This flexible system ensures that everyone, regardless of their tech skills, can make the most of the platform.

LD Estate AR is all about customization. It goes beyond simple visualization. Users can adjust things, change layouts, and even swap decor items in real-time. This interactive feature makes it a collaborative design process. Prospective homeowners can tweak and refine their choices, making sure their future home truly reflects their style.

Design your Interior with AR

Through AR technology, we've crafted immersive property viewing experiences. These experiences empower potential buyers to virtually explore properties and get a firsthand feel for different furniture arrangements.

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Lasting Dynamics' VR, AR and Spatial Computing services are your ticket to the next level.
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