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Blockchain, Web3 & NFTs Development

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Blockchain Team Capabilities

Smart Contract

Within our blockchain expertise, we specialize in crafting intricate decentralized autonomous protocols, some of the most advanced in existence. Smart Contracts serve as the beating heart of any DAO.

Secure Cryptocurrency

Our team is proficient in tailoring bespoke cryptocurrency exchanges for clients. Additionally, we offer security audits for existing exchanges, providing valuable insights and enhancement suggestions.

NFT Marketplace

Unlock the potential of blockchain technology with your own digital asset trading solution. Facilitate swift cross-border transactions, boost internal value transfers, and fuel your growth through a custom-built NFT marketplace.

Custom Blockchain

Our comprehensive offerings include both public and private blockchains, empowering you to extend your services beyond your organization's boundaries. Gain control over user account permissions, handle secure payments, data transfers, and mitigate counterparty risks with our custom blockchain solutions.


Elevate your assets with our NFT ecosystem development service. Convert collectibles such as art, sports cards, stamps, or event tickets into unique digital assets. These assets can be seamlessly traded on a tamper-proof blockchain, opening up new avenues for value exchange.

Decentralized Apps (DApps)

Our expertise in Web 3.0 is about creating decentralized applications (DApps) that offer enhanced security and user experiences. We build DApps that encrypt and store data on a blockchain without relying on centralized servers. This advancement in technology translates into tangible, secure, and user-centric services for your business.

The browser game that makes you earn real crypto currencies playing online

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Delivering Comprehensive Solutions: UI/UX, blockchain, front-end web3, and more

We've engineered a robust blockchain-based gaming platform, integrating seamless cryptocurrency transactions. Our approach began with establishing a solid blockchain base, followed by crafting diverse digital tokens using cutting-edge cryptography. We've also implemented secure, transparent smart contracts on the Web3 platform to facilitate in-game trades. This project exemplifies our team's proficiency in merging sophisticated blockchain technology with immersive gaming experiences.

Wallet & Payment Integration

We've engineered the game to integrate flawlessly with widely-used e-wallets, streamlining the process for players to manage their cryptocurrency holdings. This seamless integration extends to reliable payment gateways, guaranteeing smooth and secure financial transactions.

A Blockchain Solution for Eco-Friendly Actions

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Omne's TreeChain:
Blockchain for Sustainability

In a time when technology and sustainability come together, Omne introduces a groundbreaking solution through its TreeChain feature. By using the transparency and security of blockchain technology, every tree adoption is carefully documented, giving users an unchangeable record of their eco-friendly actions.

This isn't only about planting trees; it's about building trust and making sure that every effort to reduce carbon emissions is both visible and verified.

Creating Empathy Through Transparent Processes

Maintaining a sincere dedication to the environment requires ongoing work, devotion, and openness. To support this, Lasting Dynamics has led the way in creating a blockchain system for tracking trees in Omne.

This inventive approach assures users of accurate details about the complete lifecycle of their adopted trees. By using blockchain's unchangeable nature, we not only boost transparency but also nurture a strong sense of trust and responsibility among users. This guarantees the ongoing well-being and growth of our trees, reinforcing our commitment to the environment.

Ready for the next step in Blockchain, Web3 and NFTs?

Set out on a journey encompassing Web3 integrations, NFT crafting, minting, smart contract creation, and custom NFT marketplaces. Partner with a leading software development company known for its cutting-edge Web3 solutions.
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Your Virtual Shopping Mall for a Personalized Experience

Where Shopping Meets Immersive Metaverse Technology

In today's digital age, promoting and selling products through social networks has become the norm. However, the shopping experience on major e-commerce websites often lacks the personal touch. Shoppers typically arrive at these platforms with a clear idea of what they want, having read reviews, watched unboxing videos, and heeded influencers' advice. Yet, these platforms seldom provide an engaging and immersive shopping experience.

Vetrinaverse is here to change that. It offers an all-in-one metaverse experience with decentralized technology. Think of it as a virtual shopping mall where you can watch live streams showcasing a wide range of products, from physical items to digital goods and NFTs.

Connecting eCommerce
to blockchain and NFTs

VetrinaVerse is making this world accessible to the average consumer through four main tactics:

Ease of use

Easy minting process for VetrinaVerse NFT and opening up your VetrinaVerse shop


The first shop that doesn’t charge you for rental but actually generates coins on a daily basis regardless the results of your sales

Active community

An open platform inclusive to users of all levels of technical knowledge

Sales Support

Innovative support from influencer & affiliate network to help your business to grow

Decentralizing Commerce:
The NFT Shop Revolution

Imagine a shop where its very structure guarantees authenticity. By transforming a shop into an NFT (non-fungible token), we're ushering in a new era of commerce that covers both digital and physical goods, including NFTs themselves. This decentralized approach ensures that ownership is indisputably recorded on the blockchain.

Unlike traditional software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, where a shop's core relies on a centralized server controlled by a single entity, an NFT shop offers unmatched security, transparency, and trust. It's not just a step into the future of commerce; it's the embodiment of modern digital independence.

Personalization is rapidly becoming essential for any brand aiming to build customer loyalty.

Ready for the next step in Blockchain, Web3 and NFTs?

Set out on a journey encompassing Web3 integrations, NFT crafting, minting, smart contract creation, and custom NFT marketplaces. Partner with a leading software development company known for its cutting-edge Web3 solutions.
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